It’s not time to change the clocks yet – that’s almost a month away (November 4th for the US). We’ll have a brighter morning (for a little while) and darkness will fall a lot sooner! On those weekends, one in the fall and one in the spring, I walk through the house advancing or decreasing the clocks. And we have a few:


This one is on the wall of our bedroom. We bought it in Wickford, at a shop that has gone out of business. It complements the white, distressed bedroom furniture and reminds me of Bermuda. Even though I’ve never been to Bermuda.


This is Jim’s alarm clock. I don’t need one anymore! He sets it for 4:30 on weekend mornings, because he has two long days and hates to rush, but he’s almost always awake before the alarm goes off with its annoying, persistent beep-beep-beep.


This little one hangs on the wall in our bathroom upstairs. It doesn’t seem to work anymore, but I don’t care. It’s heavy brass with little nautical flags around it, and I like it.

On the piano

This little battery-operated clock sits on the piano I rarely play anymore. It was a wedding gift from one of my mother’s friends, and it fits in anywhere. I just pull the whole face off and change the battery when it slows down.

This clock is in our downstairs bathroom. It looks like it belongs on a boat, doesn’t it? We bought this one in Wickford, too, probably around the time we thought we’d have a boat. Then we realized we’d need a boat guy, too. So we have the clock.

Chelsea Shipstrike Clock and Barometer

This was, I think, the gift I gave to my husband on our 10-year wedding anniversary. It has to be wound every week, and he gets a little recalcitrant with that sometimes. He silenced the chime because the dog went crazy every time she heard it.

Kitchen clock

This one came out a bit blurry. It sits high above the window over our kitchen sink, and says “Chateauneuf-du-Pape” on it, like the label from an exquisite bottle of wine. Also from Wickford (seems like every time we were there we had to buy a clock!). The clock is great, but I’d rather have the wine!

Bonnie Raitt sings in “Nick of Time” ‘life gets mighty precious, the less there is to waste.’  Don’t we know it!  A clock will let you know what time it is, but not how to spend it. Enjoy the weekend!

The End of the Week and Month

photo by Jim McVeigh

September 28th? Seriously? The calendar tells me so, as does the cool, damp day. My bare feet are cold, but I’m happy about that. Socks are good.

This week had a little of everything:

  • The plumber stopped by on Tuesday morning at 8:30 and departed at 3:00 in the afternoon. We thought it was a minor fix, and I still think it was, but the very nice guy really didn’t know what he was doing. He left at 9:00 to pick up a part and was gone for two hours. Then his boss showed up, presumably to do the aspect of the job the nice plumber couldn’t do. We were housebound. I’m used to that, spending most of my day indoors writing anyway, so it didn’t bother me all that much. We’re still better off than the neighbors, who bore the worst of it two and a half weeks ago when one of the underground pipes malfunctioned (I don’t know what happened –  it was blocked, it broke, whatever it was, it’s been a problem). They’re still not able to return home (we’re attached to each other as condo owners). How’s your infrastructure?
  • On Wednesday, we entertained my 80-year-old father-in-law all day. God love him, he’s a character. He thought it was one of the best days ever because he took us out to breakfast at the Beacon Diner (if you don’t know it, just picture your hometown diner, one you like). Heavy, salty breakfast – just the thing for people who work the fields all day. That’s not us. They do have great johnnycakes, though. Because he’s tethered to his portable oxygen tank, he really can’t do much other than sit, so he sat. All day. And we couldn’t leave him alone, so we sat with him, re-running episodes of Boardwalk Empire Season Two. I’m Nucky’d out. Then it was off to dinner. I needed a juice cleanse the next day.
  • I noticed that the person who had given my book a two-star review took it down. I didn’t really think it was justified, although I do accept that not everyone will like the book. Maybe she had a change of heart. Maybe she read my blog post about bad reviews.  Today I discovered that someone different (I hope, at least) had posted a two-star review. This woman, ‘Mommyofone,’ couldn’t even finish the book. Yikes.
  • Meanwhile, I plow ahead with my second novel and try to figure out what else I can do to get noticed. Maybe nothing. There are a lot of books out there, many of them very good, and I’m thinking maybe I need to get this second one out, have people like it (maybe I can convert “Mommyofone” to give me four stars). So, back to work.

Whatever you do this weekend to ring out September, make it memorable!