The 2019 A to Z Challenge THEME REVEAL


For the 8th year in a row, I’m participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, and today is Theme Reveal Day. For me, these themes are generally about books, music, travel, or food.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know about some of my previous themes (note: themes aren’t required, but I do enjoy choosing a topic for the month). Here’s a quick refresher, with links:

2012 – Poets, Novelists, Lyricists (I was new to the game, but earnest)

2013 – Oh! The Places I’ve Been! 

2014 – Smile! And Say…. (the infamous cheese theme)

2015 – Listen Up! (musical instruments)

2016 – Paris Between the Wars (1919 – 1939)

2017 – Broadway Musicals

2018 – 1968

I thought about doing a whole series on 1969, because there would be plenty to blog about, but I didn’t want to repeat Apollo and Nixon and Vietnam, and so decided to try something new.

Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in October 2016, and I wanted very much to showcase this iconic songwriter in 2017. But by the time he finally agreed to accept the prize, I’d compiled my month’s worth of blogs, on a different topic.

So here we are in 2019 and Dylan’s songs, most of them anyway, ring as true today as they did in the 1960s. And he’s been covered by so many artists that I thought I’d do an A to Z of his songs, but performed by others. And so…next month I’ll post A to Z blogs about Dylan songs.



#AtoZReveal! What’s the Theme This Year?

Theme Reveal Badge

My sixth year doing the April A to Z Blogging Challenge! This is probably the highlight for my blog each year, and, as many of you know, I start planning for the next year as soon as the current year wraps up. Sometimes a theme is just in my head, but I do a lot of planning (I learned how important it is during the 2012 Challenge, when I had not written my blog posts in advance).

In 2012, I focused on writers (novelists, poets, lyricists, essayists). 2013’s theme was Oh! The Places I’ve Been! In 2014, I titled my posts with Smile and Say….. – yes, the A to Z of cheese. In 2015, it was Listen Up! and featured musical instruments.

Last year’s theme was Paris Between the Wars and each day featured someone who was part of that twenty-year span (1919-1939) in Paris, when the city experienced a cultural and intellectual boom.

So you may have guessed that I like to blog about food, books, music, and travel. I’d had a few ideas about my 2017 theme, but in the end, I’ve decided on something I hope is uplifting, fun, a little bit educational. This year’s theme is…..



Some of these musicals you’ll know well, some you may not be familiar with. I had tough choices to make! And with each post I’ll include a clip that features a song from that show.

Hope you enjoy! And if you’re blogging in April, let me know so I can be sure to check in.

Here’s a beautiful rendition of What the World Needs Now from Broadway for Orlando: