Smile and Say……”T” is for Telemea


“T” is for TELEMEA

With a shout-out to my new blogger pal Silvia, today’s featured cheese is Telemea.

Telemea is a traditional Romanian cheese made by the Vlach or Wallachian people of Europe. There are various types of telemea official recognized such as Telemea de Arges, Telemea de Brasov, Telemea de Carei, Telemea de Harghita, Telemea de Huedin, Telemea de Oas, Telemea de Sibiu and Telemea de Vâlcea.

Telemea is a semi-soft, white, sheep’s milk cheese with a creamy texture and tangy aftertaste. In some cases cow’s milk is also used. The cheese was originally produced only in Romania but when the Vlach population started spreading beyond their native country, the recipe became popular in European nations like Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland. Sharing similarities to Greek feta, telemea is often used in salads. Telemea is stored in a brine solution, and gets saltier with age.

Made similarly to paneer and queso blanco, telemea is left to mature in brine. It’s usually desalted in fresh water before consumption.

You want to see cheese being made? Watch this!