Book Review Tuesday – Sing for Me – #BRT

This is the first in a series of four books under the Tactical Solutions International series title. It features main characters Jake Evans, who hits a bar in Boston while in town for a wedding, has a beer (or two), and is struck by the female singer in the bar band, and Fiona Flynn, the singer, who is reluctant to give the guy a chance until her bandmates convince her she should. There is definite chemistry between these two, and it practically jumps off the pages.

Jake is deployed overseas, and while their relationship is still hot at a distance, when Jake is injured, the challenges increase. I won’t give you any spoilers, but this book, classified as romantic suspense, lives up to the genre.

I plowed through this book in two days – it’s especially riveting as you get into it, and I had a hard time setting it aside. The novel is more suspenseful in the second half, and I enjoyed the second half more than the first half, as the first part of the book is dedicated to the buildup of Jake and Fiona’s romance. This is a romance, but note that it’s very much for adults. I’m not adverse to graphic sex scenes (there are plenty), but some of them almost felt unnecessary. I would have understood the steamy attraction between these two characters even without the explicit scenes, but, you know, it’s fine. Still a really good story, and very well written.

Maggie Clare

Author Maggie Clare is the pen name of Rhode Island award-winning author Tabitha Lord. Tab’s bestselling books are in the science fiction category, so she assumed a pen name to write romantic suspense. Good choice! You can find books by both Tabitha Lord and Maggie Clare here or ask your local book retailer!