I Ditched my Cell Phone – and Survived


To me it was no big deal, but based on the reactions I’ve received so far, you’d think I’d committed matricide. “You what?” “How could you possibly live without your phone?”

I’m living, and living just fine, thanks. I got rid of something I didn’t need – we do that all the time. Spoiled food, stained t-shirts, toxic relationships. I ditched a device that I rarely used but still paid about a hundred bucks a month to keep. Kind of like cable.

When I’m home (most of the time, writing my next novel), I have access to a land line (even though I hate answering or talking on the phone), Facebook messenger, and email. Friends can find me. When I’m at work (usually a couple of days a week), I’m…working! Yeah, no time for the phone. I bring my iPad with me and check messages and posts during lunchtime.

But…but…what about taking pictures of your food when you’re in a restaurant? What about checking in when you’re at the beach, or a concert, just to let everyone know where you are? Did it. Don’t do it anymore. Realized most people don’t care anyway, especially if they’re not having as good a time as you are.

I may pick up another phone later this year – look, I’m not against them, and I stay well connected online. If I find I need a cell phone, I’ll get one, probably a low-end model. It’s all about choices, and for now, I’m delighted with this one.

Okay, have at me! Or better yet – tell me what you’ve given up recently.