Write Fast, Edit Slow

Bird by Bird

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and a shitty first draft. I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won’t have to die. The truth is that you will die anyway and that a lot of people who aren’t even looking at their feet are going to do a whole lot better than you, and have a lot more fun while they’re doing it.”
―   Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life    

I’m in the editing process now, and that doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for blogging. The “sh*tty first draft” is done, but turning it into something worth reading? Now that takes time. And dedication. Distractions are everywhere, including the aptly-named Bermuda Triangle of email, Facebook, and Twitter.  I’m taking a very short break to post this blog, just to let you know that I am here, and I am focused!

Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of inspiration. If you’ve never read anything by Catherine Ryan Hyde, please do. You won’t be disappointed. And pay it forward!