Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Angelina Singer!

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Angelina Singer

Lovelovelove this remarkable young powerhouse! Welcome to Angelina Singer. Let’s learn some more about her.

Where is your hometown? Raynham, MA (not far from the Rhode Island border!)

Tell us about your genre(s): I write Young Adult dystopian sci-fi, YA/NA contemporary romance/time travel coming-of-age

What have you written? Just Like a Pill: Who Knew the Boy of Her Dreams Would Fall Under Her Spell (2016). The Sorting Room (book 1 of The Upperworld Series) (2017). The Fall of Zephyr (book 2 of The Upperworld Series) (2018). The Rise of Onyx (book 3 of The Upperworld Series) (2018). Forgetting What I Couldn’t Remember (book 1 of The Rewind Duology) (2020). Forgiving What I Couldn’t Change (book 2 of The Rewind Duology) (2021).

Who are some of your favorite authors? Colleen Hoover, Suzanne Collins, Jenn Bennett

What do you like best about writing? I love being able to do anything I want and be anything I want in a world that I design. It’s really fun to have that freedom, and also to have that place for healing too (as seen in The Rewind Duology).

What do find most challenging about writing? Finding motivation! Oftentimes I have the idea and the excitement, but there’s just no enthusiasm (or maybe I’m too drained from my day jobs writing). But once I hit my stride, it’s a blast! I can only hope that I find that energy again for it soon, because I’ve got a great new book idea that’s been brewing for a while, and I really want to query this one.

Where do you draw your inspiration? From life! My very first novel, Just Like a Pill, was inspired by a guy from band camp I had this crazy crush on. And my most recent concept, The Rewind Duology, was based on my past struggles with bullying as a kid and finding peace with that now as an adult.

You’ve just been given the chance to collaborate on a book with Colleen Hoover (squee!) What’s the title going to be? Colleen Hoover, that would be wild. Probably All the Things You Wish You Were. I see it as some kind of gritty, angsty, New Adult romance with maybe a second chance and a lot of frustration in the plot. She’d probably bring the spicier moments, and I’d add some fluff to the emotional moments and conversations. That would be a dream collaboration for sure!

Follow Angelina at these sites:

Website: https://www.angelinasinger.com

Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/Angelina-Singer/e/B0743ZF23N/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_ebooks_1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angelinasingerauthor/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angelinasingerauthor

Angelina is giving away her Rewind Duology two-book set. Just answer this question below for a chance to win: If you could travel back in time to meet your younger self, what would you tell them?

Book Review Tuesday – Just Like a Pill – #BRT

Am I too old to read a Young Adult novel? Nah, not when it means I support a fellow Rhode Island author. Look, if you’ve been following these Tuesday book reviews, you’ll know that I’ve been reading way out of my comfort zone (horror, paranormal, children’s…!), so what the heck.

In this debut novel (2016) from Angelina Singer, the protagonist is Scarlett, a young woman in high school with all the teenage angst that goes with it. Remember? Of course you do. Scarlett, with dyed red hair to match her name, pines for hunky rocker Maxx, who is in a relationship with mean girl Ashley. Her best friend is health nut Izzy and there is nerdy Greg to round out the group.

As Homecoming approaches, Scarlett dreads the thought of attending the dance without a partner, but a sinus infection and the resulting ‘prescription’ she’s given by a questionable ‘pharmacist’ result in a mixed-up set of circumstances that will shake up everything in Scarlett’s world.

Unrequited love and yearning is a tried and true theme, especially for YA books, but Singer brings Scarlett to life with her spot-on characterization and inner turmoil. Add in some funky ‘antibiotics’ that are anything but and you’ve got a fun, easy read.

I would recommend this author rework the manuscript to clean up errors, which abound but don’t take away from the story. (As an editor, I can’t not see typos and grammatical slip-ups, but many readers can glide by them – so it’s just my opinion).

You can pick up a copy of Just Like a Pill (Who Knew the Boy of her Dreams Would Fall Under Her Spell?) (yeah, it’s a long title) online at Amazon (https://tinyurl.com/4rdejk88) or locally from Stillwater Books in Pawtucket (https://www.stillwaterbooksri.com/just-pill). Please patronize your local bookstore! If they don’t carry a title you want, ask them to order it for you.

RI Authors Showcase – Meet Angelina Singer

Welcome to the Rhode Island Authors Showcase! Each day in November, this blog will feature a different Rhode Island author. Read the post and leave a comment and you are eligible to win this day’s giveaway!

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Angelina Singer

Angelina Singer is a young adult/new adult author with a romantic comedy, Just Like a Pill, books 1-3 of a dystopian science fiction trilogy The Upperworld Series, and both books of The Rewind Duology available for purchase on Amazon now – go grab ’em here! https://tinyurl.com/3ndpfr9s In addition to her writing career, Singer graduated Magna Cum Laude from Stonehill College in 2019, where she studied English, Music, and of course, Creative Writing. Angelina is a board member of the Association of Rhode Island Authors, managing their Young Adult initiative. She’s also a freelance editor and ghostwriter, often helping clients bring their literary visions to life.

In her spare time she enjoys crocheting (with a portfolio of work available for purchase on Instagram @asinger320 https://www.instagram.com/asinger320/), as well as mentoring younger music students at a local music store, where she has been studying guitar for over a decade. She views her writing as a way to simultaneously escape from and embrace reality.

Follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angelinasingerauthor

Instagram/TikTok https://www.instagram.com/angelinasingerauthor/ for exciting updates, exclusive content, and giveaways. Visit her website at https://www.angelinasinger.com/

And follow Angelina’s blog here! https://angelinasingerauthor.wordpress.com/

Angelina is giving away a signed set of The Rewind Duology (pictured above) to one lucky winner. All you have to do to be entered is comment on this post and answer this question: What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

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