Are You a Genealogist?

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Years ago, well before appeared, I created a family history for my mother. She had a book, a very old book that had been in her mother’s possession (passed down through her father from her father’s mother), and that book contained over 1,800 names of descendants of one person – a Hugh Stone, born around 1638, who emigrated from England around 1658. A descendant named Richard C. Stone had traced the various lines of Hugh Stone and published the book in 1866. I only had glimpses of the book’s interior – even 30 years ago, the pages were fragile.

The book had a circuitous journey but finally made its way back to the family, and rests now with my cousin, for future generations. But because the actual book is in such fragile condition, I undertook the task of copying its entire contents – and adding footnotes! – so that it’s available to anyone who might have an interest.

I’m not selling it. But I’d like to offer the document to anyone who might want to do some genealogical research. It’s got a couple hundred biographical notes about some of the people, and if you think you have any ancestors who originated in Rhode Island, you might find them here! Besides the surname Stone, it’s got Arnold, Whitman, Greene, Westcott, Gorton, Randall, and many, many more. Some of the descendants migrated west, to Pennsylvania, upstate New York, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, and California.

If you would like a .pdf copy, just drop a comment and I’ll use your email address to send it to you. And if you find an ancestor in its contents, please let me know. We’d be related!

10 thoughts on “Are You a Genealogist?

  1. Good for you for copying it, Martha, and preserving it for future generations. My dad is immersed in our family genealogy and it’s fascinating what he’s discovered… with some family help. It’s a lot of work and well worth preserving.

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  2. Martha, What a great blog and BRILLIANT idea. I was just thinking how some of my own family have talked about this. I’m also thinking there should be (or already is) some website where you could not only have a family tree data base, but an interactive option to reach out and share happenings……..almost like Facebook….well, without the bizarre comments and tales of Alien Abductions ( Mine is an dynamic family!). Zulu Delta

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  3. I remember you telling me about this when we saw each other last month. My father also researched and documented an extensive family tree dating back as far as the 18th century. Some of my ancestors were missionaries in Hawaii, but as far as I can tell, no Stone member ever made it to Rhode Island. Their loss. 🙂

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  4. Martha, that is so cool. I have been doing my family genealogy for many years. Oh how I wish someone had kept any records of my ancestors. None of my family came from Europe before the late 1800’s so I spend my time looking at old records online.
    Have you built a family tree with your information?

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  5. Very interesting story Martha. I am an amateur genealogist, and would very much appreciate a copy of your file. One of the surnames in my tree is Gorton. So who knows, we may be related. Thanks in advanced.

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  6. Yes, I am a genealogist and related to Arnold, and Westcott.  I also have a few cousins who are Greenes.  I have working on genealogy since high school Carolyn

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    1. Carolyn, I’d be happy to send you the pdf file. I’ll bet you find something in there, even if it’s just a confirmation of what you’ve already found. I have your email – will send. xx


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