Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Martha Reynolds!

The Rhode Island Authors Showcase is back! Each day in November, I’ll be featuring a different RI author. Each post features a giveaway – a book, an anthology, or something else! All you have to do to be eligible for the daily drawing is leave a comment on the blog post. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner one week after the blog post (to give you time to catch up).

By commenting on each post, you’re also entered to win our bigger prizes: GRAND PRIZE is a $250 Amazon gift card, BONUS PRIZE is a $100 Amazon gift card, and the CHEER UP YOU WON SOMETHING PRIZE is a $50 Amazon gift card. The big prizes will be chosen, again using a random number generator, on December 7.

I asked myself the same questions I posed to everyone else!

My hometown: Johnston as a child, then Warwick, Rhode Island. Now in West Warwick.

What are my genre(s) Women’s fiction, literary fiction

What have I written? The Swiss Chocolate series (Chocolate for Breakfast, Chocolate Fondue, Bittersweet Chocolate); Bits of Broken Glass; The Way to Remember; The Happy Ever After series (A Jingle Valley Wedding, April in Galway, All’s Well in Jingle Valley); A Winding Stream; Villa del Sol; The Summer of Princess Diana; I Wish I Had a River

Some of my favorite authors: Roisin Meaney, Camille Pagan, Elin Hildebrandt, Marisa de los Santos, Anna Quindlen

My favorite books growing up: The Yearling, Go Ask Alice, and later, The Thorn Birds, The Color Purple

What do you like best about writing? I love starting out! When everything is possible, when I ask, “What if…?” Even though I generally have a good idea about plot, sometimes the story heads in a different direction, and I follow along happily.

What do find most challenging about writing? The technical aspects (so I pay people to do that for me) and the promoting of myself. I’m rubbish at both.

Where do you draw your inspiration? Everywhere! There is always a kernel of truth in my fiction. Perhaps it’s a snippet of conversation I overheard, a distinct (or sometimes fuzzy) memory, the human condition.

You’ve just been given the chance to collaborate on a book with Roisin Meaney. What’s the title going to be? Oh boy! Well, I’ll need to travel to Ireland for collaboration, and we’ll call the book A Song for Kiernan

Please follow me on Amazon and you’ll never miss a new release! https://tinyurl.com/5c2z7c8j

Here it is, my new novel! I do love this cover. Here’s what USA TODAY bestselling author Jon Land had to say about it: “I Wish I Had a River is a magical journey through love, life, and loss, a quest not for riches so much as fulfillment. Martha Reynolds has fashioned a shrewd and sensitive tale that explores both the breadth and the limits of the human heart to emerge from tragedy. This is literary writing of the highest order, on par with Elizabeth Gilbert, Alice Hoffman, and even the great Joan Didion. I only wish there were more books like this!”

The book should be perfect for fans of Eat Pray Love. One winner will receive a copy (print or digital, your choice) PLUS I’ll name a character after you in my next novel! Here’s my question: Of the four countries featured in this novel (Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France), which one tops your ‘wanna go there’ or ‘already been and loved it’ list?

This is the last day for the RI Authors Showcase – thank you for participating! Remember, the Grand Prize drawings will be held on December 7, and I’m going to try to post the video of the drawings here, but I’ll reach out to you if you win. You have a week to catch up and comment on each of the daily posts. Each day that you comment gets you a chance to win one of the big prizes. Good luck and see you soon!

If you’re local, please stop by the 10th Annual Rhode Island Authors Expo on Saturday, December 3. I’ll be there with about a hundred other local authors – all kinds of genres, so something for everyone. Did you know that signed books make great gifts? I’ll have plenty of my newest.

65 thoughts on “Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Martha Reynolds!

  1. Congratulations on the release!! The cover sure is beautiful! I would love to visit Spain, I haven’t visited any of those countries yet but hopefully one day I will.

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  2. love this Martha and your book looks amazing.. Thanks to Jackie for sharing too.
    I’ve been to Florence, never been to Spain, Paris or Switzerland so this will be fun to explore through your eyes. Congratulations and thanks for all of the sharing. 💞

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  3. Hi Martha, I fell in love with Switzerland and Italy after reading Villa del Sol, you invited me into that beautiful place through your gift of description, I could actually taste much of the food that was so lovingly prepared! And so, thanks to you I would choose Italy! Your life, energy and all you do for us, continues to inspire me. We are all so grateful for you!

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  4. First, Thank-you for hosting this showcase! I’m originally from RI, but now live in Maine so it’s difficult to get down for the Expo, hopefully next year? I would love to visit every country on your list, in whatever order Providence sends them! I’d visit Fatima in Portugal and those amazing beaches. If possible, I would walk the Way of St. James in Spain (all, if possible, but any would suffice). Italy, has too many sights to list here, but I really want to see the Virgin Mary’s house at Loreto and the Shroud of Turin. France, also known as the First Daughter of the Catholic Church, also has too long a list to post, but I’d definitely see Lourdes!
    Your newest book sounds amazing so I’d love to win it, but it is now on my reading list. Once again, thanks for introducing us to some amazing RI writers; such a great diversity from my small birth State! I’m especially proud of my sister Debra Zannelli being part of such a talented bunch!

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    1. Oh, Andrea!!! I didn’t know that you and Deb are sisters!! We love Deb!
      There’s so much to see in the world, isn’t there? I hope that my books provide a little armchair traveling for readers. Thanks for the kind words!


  5. I want to visit all of these countries. I bought your new book and can’t wait to read it, but will do so after the Expo. If I had to choose one country, it would be Italy, because I double-majored in art history and psychology, concentrating in Italian Renaissance Art. Thank you for this fun month of learning and sharing.

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  6. Hi, your book sounds like a great read and I love the book cover! I would love to visit Italy, because my husband is half Italian , his grandparents came to the US before any of their children were born . My MIL has never been to Italy either. I would love to visit Italy because I have heard and seen alot of photos where it shows it being so beautiful and I would love for my husband to see where he has roots and also our daughter ,our son and our grandchildren. , and actually my son in law is part Italian also, his mom’s mom was half Italian. Have a great day and a great week Thank you so much for sharing about your book.

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  7. I am so looking forward to reading your latest novel. I have been fortunate enough to have visited all four countries, adding up to several weeks of enjoyment. I would like to visit the area of Italy where my family is from. I have the addresses and have seen the buildings on Google, but would love to visit in person. I discovered that we still have family there!

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  8. Awesome endorsement! Portugal is on my bucket list. Haven’t been. Been to Spain, France and Italy. Loved them all. Looking forward to Saturday’s event at the Crowne Plaza!

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  9. Hi Martha! The cover is gorgeous. Of the four countries featured in your book, I think I would want to visit Italy first. I haven’t been to any of these countries. It would be a food trip for me; eating my way through the country.

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  10. I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited all of these countries! I would be “over the moon” to return to any, but if I had to choose, it would be Portugal and/or Spain. This is because I went to those two Iberian Peninsula places with my mom when I was about 12 years old and haven’t been since!

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  11. Martha, as you moght expect Portugal is the place I have visited and loved, and its also the place I want to return to. There is do much more to see, both on the mainland and the islands. I especially want to visit the towns where my grandparents where were born. I wouldnt turn down an opportunity to visit Italy or France either!

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  12. It is seldom that I read women’s fiction, but there are a few authors I make exception to, and you are one of them, Martha. In my books, as well as in yours, it is very satisfying to take readers to places they have never been to or may never get to, but after reading the description of these places, they feel like they have now been there. I have been to France three times and loved it more each time I went. I have been to Italy once for two weeks and loved it as much as France. Spain was a sleeper to me, but after a two-week stay at a parador, and visits all over the country, I enjoyed it as well. Portugal somehow has eluded me and my wife.

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  13. I’ve been to Europe only once, in 2018, and that was France, Paris to Normandy. It was magical. So much beauty to absorb. Although I’d like to go back, I’ll choose Italy, specifically, Tuscany.

    As we wind up another November showcase, it’s time to thank you sincerely for all that you do for the writing/reading community, Martha. It’s always such a treat to revisit familiar authors and discover new ones. I particularly enjoyed your questionnaire this year. Many of the answers were deeply thought out and gave a glimpse not only into writers’ philosophy but also a hint of their personality. Joyful all around.

    I can’t wait to get my copy of your new book to complete my Martha Reynolds collection. See you on Saturday!

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  14. I have been to Italy a few times. My parents were born there, went after I graduated, I honeymooned there (30 years ago) and we traveled there for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. They were also born there. I have also been to France- loved Paris. The Eiffel tower was quite a site to see. I would love to go to Spain someday.

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  15. First off I would like to thank you, Martha, for introducing us to so many fascinating local authors! This has been a fun and interactive way to “meet” new and interesting writers. I also want to thank you for helping me hop on the bandwagon, where I will be by early summer.
    France has always been my first love. Studying in Paris junior year of college changed my life, and changed me as a person. I still remember the day I visited Balzac’s house and saw his little writing desk — chills went through me to think he had actually sat there and written so much! I wish traveling were as safe and easy as it was back then in the 1970s. I have been to Italy, but would like to go back and see all the art in Florence. Spain and Portugal sound wonderful, too. You describe them well in your new book. Traveling is a wonderful way to open the mind and experience diverse cultures. Reading about them is the next best thing!

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    1. Thanks, Cherie! I hope you found some new authors. I remember visiting you in Paris, and my year in Switzerland was life-changing, too. I’d love to see all young people afforded the opportunity to travel.


  16. I’ve been to Italy, France and Spain but not Portugal. I loved all the places! But I would love to go to Portugal to see the tile and beaches and the head to Galicia in Spain. Maybe the El Camino de Santiago beckons!

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  17. I was lucky enough to visit Paris and Rome in high school. I just wasn’t ready to appreciate it completely although I had some experiences that would make for some interesting reads. I was almost arrested for using counterfeit money at the bar in my hotel (I didn’t know some money I received as change wasn’t real!).
    Anyway- I would love to visit Portugal and Spain!

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    1. I know what you mean, Jen. I spent my junior year of college in Switzerland, and although it was the most pivotal year of my life, I couldn’t appreciate all of it at such a young age.
      I can recommend Portugal and Spain!


  18. Ever since I started learning French in 3rd grade, I have wanted to visit France. Although, I have visited Quebec City twice and was able to use my knowledge of French.

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