Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Yvette Nachmias-Baeu!

The Rhode Island Authors Showcase is back! Each day in November, I’ll be featuring a different RI author. Each post features a giveaway – a book, an anthology, or something else! All you have to do to be eligible for the daily drawing is leave a comment on the blog post. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner one week after the blog post (to give you time to catch up).

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Yvette Baeu

I have questions for the wonderful Yvette Nachmias-Baeu!

Where is your hometown? Hope Valley, Rhode Island

What genre(s) do you write? Historic Novel, Romance, Memoir, Non-Fiction

What have you written? Ledicia’s Key (2022), Best Friends (2018), Clara at Sixty (2015), A Reluctant Life (2012)

Who are some of your favorite authors? Toni Morrison, Anne Lamott, John Irving

What were your favorite books growing up? The Secret Garden, Catcher in the Rye, Marjorie Morningstar.

What do you like best about writing?  The freedom to challenge myself and not be interrupted when I am expressing a thought. The solitude and finding out what I am actually thinking about.

What do find most challenging about writing? Getting the right tone, using the right words, developing the story, grammar, developing the form.

Where do you draw your inspiration? What captivates me at the moment.  Life in general, history and my own life as well.

You’ve just been given the chance to collaborate on a book with Toni Morrison. What’s the title going to be? The Last Watch

Yvette’s latest book, Ledicia’s Key, is garnering acclaim! Read what author Cynthia F. Davidson (The Importance of Paris) has to say: “In Ledicia’s Key, Ms. Baeu’s poignant reprise of far-flung family ties, the author strikes centuries of chords across several continents. Here is the full symphony of humanity, played out in the sharps and flats of personal triumphs and political tragedies. The author reaches backwards and forwards through time to remind us of a hard-won intergenerational truth. Such a timely series of stories: about surviving genocide, displacement, armed conflicts, and the madmen of history as we grapple in the present with another modern-day tragedy, another wave of invasions, bombings, war crimes, and millions of refugees. As these tales so richly prove, ancestry is more than a DNA test. It is the preservation of wisdom and the prevention of amnesia.”

Note: I’ve added this one to my TBR list! You should, too. Better yet, leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy! Just tell us what period of time you would like to have lived in if you weren’t alive today.

Meanwhile, learn more about Yvette and her other books by visiting her website http://www.yvettenachmiasbaeu.com

Follow Yvette on Amazon! https://tinyurl.com/28cejzt2

18 thoughts on “Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Yvette Nachmias-Baeu!

  1. I don’t think I really would want to live in any other time than now! Some say that a simpler time would be easier, but I can not imagine not having running water, or the like. I hope I win your book, it sounds really good.

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  2. Although there is no special time for me that is most desirable, I would love to travel through time—from the beginning to present day—stopping occasionally to experience the different cultures on the planet. I think each time, has it’s own set of challenges. To me, it’s not the period of time that’s important, it’s the people who surround you. Having good parents, siblings, friends, and acquaintances is a blessing no matter what time you live in.

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  3. I would love to live in American before the Europeans came. To be able to see all of the First Nations people and how they really lived. And to see the true landscape of this continent before we fowled up the water and land and also see the animals like all the American buffalo when they were in the millions.

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  4. I am happy to say that I have read all four of Yvette’s books. I loved each one for a different reason but at this point Ledicia’s Key is my most beloved. It is a remarkable work of art, a recreation of a family history based on family legends, pieces of the Nachimas legends that survived immigration and migration into the new world, part research and just possibly, an element of recreation rendered with a lively imagination so critical to any great writer. I have travelled the world but I have never visited Sophia, Bulgaria but Yvette painted a picture of a city, a time, a world, architecture, and of people who became real and vivid in my reading of the story. I saw and imagined the vibrancy, the beauty, and yet the sadness and the loss, even tragedy experienced by this remarkable family moving from Spain into Turkey, Bulgaria and beyond. Fascinating, real, well written and a gift of a memoir for a time, a place and above all the people who made it possible. Brava Yvette, each book, each step you are taking is more impressive and a gift to anyone caring about the art of nuanced and meaningful tory telling.

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  5. I’ve added Ledicia’s Key to my goodreads list. I’d like to see what it was like when customer service needs was handled in person; not by phone. I think I would like to see the late 40s and early 50s before I was born and get a glimpse of my parents’ lives before children. I watched a documentary, The Automat, on TCM last night. It was a time when good food was had by everyone no matter their income or race. It was also about the boss caring about their employees and helping them when needed. This was before fast food came.

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