Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Dr. Karen Petit!

The Rhode Island Authors Showcase is back! Each day in November, I’ll be featuring a different RI author. Each post features a giveaway – a book, an anthology, or something else! All you have to do to be eligible for the daily drawing is leave a comment on the blog post. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner one week after the blog post (to give you time to catch up).

By commenting on each post, you’re also entered to win our bigger prizes: GRAND PRIZE is a $250 Amazon gift card, BONUS PRIZE is a $100 Amazon gift card, and the CHEER UP YOU WON SOMETHING PRIZE is a $50 Amazon gift card. The big prizes will be chosen, again using a random number generator, on December 7.

Dr. Karen Petit

I’ve asked Karen a few questions!

Where is your hometown? Cranston, Rhode Island

What genre(s) do you write? Historic novels and poetry

What have you written? Paw Dream Mazes (2021), Amazing Holiday Paws (2020), Holidays Amaze (2018), Unhidden Pilgrims (2017), Roger Williams in an Elevator (2017), Mayflower Dreams (2017), Banking on Dreams (2017)

What do you like best about writing?  I love to analyze what I’ve written, so I can see my view about different things. Poetry is especially fun to write and to analyze. It’s almost like playing a game. I can also write one poem, be busy for a few weeks, and then write another poem when I have enough spare time. Some of my poems are actually long narrative poems, so writing poetry can be sort of like writing prose, but with multi-modal elements.

What do you find most challenging about writing? I sometimes really want to write and just do not have enough time to write.

Where do you draw your inspiration? My inspiration comes from my reality and from my previous writings. For example, after writing about the Pilgrims for Mayflower Dreams, I wanted to also look at Rhode Island historical elements and write about Roger Williams. I loved the idea of using freedom as one of the elements of my next novel. I was then stuck in an elevator for about forty minutes, which was my inspiration for Roger Williams in an Elevator.

Another example of my reality and previous writings inspiring me is this book of poetry: Paw Dream Mazes. One of my three cats is on the cover, and I obviously love this cover a lot. I also have seen all three of my cats dreaming. They all do things like twitch their paws while they dream. The dream/reality connections for my earlier books also inspired me to write about animal dreams. The maze poems in my first two books of poetry were an inspiration for focusing on the maze idea in my third book of poetry.

Karen’s author website, which has connections to all of her book websites, is  www.drkarenpetit.com

Karen would love to give away a copy of her most recent book, Paw Dream Mazes. Her question for you is this: What is your favorite animal and why is this one your favorite? Just comment below and you’re entered! And don’t forget, leave a comment on each day’s post for more chances to win our big prizes.

19 thoughts on “Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Dr. Karen Petit!

  1. I think I have to say cats, I love them, even if some can be mean. I have my boy Jackson that is the sweetest and surprisingly he loves to cuddle and is so sweet!

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  2. Of course I’ve loved all of our dear dogs but I so loved a baby woodchuck we raised after she was abandoned when her mother got hit by a car. She drank from a little bottle and ate oatmeal. She turned over on her stomach so we could pet her and we had a movable cage so we could let her eat the finest clover in our yard. She loved to just sit on our laps so we could pet her. It was a sad day when we brought her to a place that introduced her to the wild and set her free in an area of many acres away from humans where she could have her own family! Chuckie will always have a special place in our hearts! Your own love of animals certainly jumps off the page!

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  3. My favorite animal is the koala. I’ve loved them since childhood. It’s the constant hugging (of a tree). But a hug is a hug! My dream trip is to visit Australia and a koala sanctuary and get one of those hugs in person.

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  4. Thanks for the introduction to Karen, Martha. I agree with her that time is often a challenge for authors. What we do is such slow work and requires focus. My favorite animal is probably dogs – a boring choice, but they’re such wonderful companions, I had to go there. 🙂

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  5. I love cats, all kinds. Both domestic and wild. I’ve had cats as pets most of my life. I’m drawn to stories about them. I love the cat memes that make their rounds. Why do I love cats? I guess because they’re fun to play with, and they love sitting on my lap. I especially love it when they are loving and their purring gets really loud.

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  6. Good morning, my favorite animal is the dog. Dogs are very docile and very loving and they love us unconditionally, when I was growing up we always had a dog. Right now we have a dog who is 8yrs old and we have had him since he was 6 weeks old, he makes me laugh all the time and he makes me happy. Very nice to meet you, Thank you for sharing about your book. I enjoyed this interview. Have a great week.

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  7. Like many other people, I am very fond of dogs because they can be so loving and have such expressive personalities. They also seem to be able to intuit human moods and show sympathy! German Short-haired Pointers are my favorite breed.

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  8. I am a cat person. I have had them all my life. I have 6 at the moment. I love that they are so graceful, and I think they are so smart. Clever would be a better word. (Audrey Stewart)

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    1. Cats were always my favorite animal, but then I had a toy poodle for 16 years and he was my favorite. He was so smart and we were so connected. Still miss him.

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  9. My favorite animal is the American Buffalo. It has been my favorite for many decades because it id just really cool and for all of the needs that it provided the Fist Nations Peoples of our country.

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