Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Paul Magnan!

The Rhode Island Authors Showcase is back! Each day in November, I’ll be featuring a different RI author. Each post features a giveaway – a book, an anthology, or something else! All you have to do to be eligible for the daily drawing is leave a comment on the blog post. I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner one week after the blog post (to give you time to catch up).

By commenting on each post, you’re also entered to win our bigger prizes: GRAND PRIZE is a $250 Amazon gift card, BONUS PRIZE is a $100 Amazon gift card, and the CHEER UP YOU WON SOMETHING PRIZE is a $50 Amazon gift card. The big prizes will be chosen, again using a random number generator, on December 7.

Paul Magnan

Very happy to feature author Paul Magnan on the blog today. Here’s your chance to learn a little bit about him:

Paul, where is your hometown? Pawtucket, RI

What do you write? Dark fantasy, horror

What have you written? Kyu, The Unknown: Book 1, The Coming of Dis (2016), Book 2, The Oracle of Xiaroc Isle (2017), Book 3, The Grimoire (2020), Book 4 (conclusion), Worlds’ End (2021). Short story collection, Veering From the Straight And Narrow (2018)

Who are your favorite authors? Ray Bradbury, Peter Straub, Gwendolyn Kiste

What were your favorite books growing up? Where The Wild Things Are (Maurice Sendak), anything by Ray Bradbury

What do you like best about writing? Building a world and creating characters, and how they can take me, the writer, by surprise. The joy when it clicks into place.

What do find most challenging about writing? The easy answer is finding the time, but the honest answer is fighting procrastination and getting my butt down on that seat to write.

Where do you draw your inspiration? Inspiration hits me in strange ways. An unexpected encounter, a natural wonder I wasn’t expecting to see… random things that click within my psyche and lead me down that winding road of creativity.

You’ve just been given the chance to collaborate on a book with one of your favorite authors. What’s the title going to be? It would have to be with Gwendolyn, the only one of the three still with us. The title will be Within the Writers’ Con Whorl

Find all of Paul’s books at Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/5xm372xn

The Territories have been unified for a thousand years, brought together under the sword of Harra Ardrassis and the sorcerous power of his immortal sister, Haena. But the Unification has always been contentious; hostility and distrust grow stronger every year. Surrounding the Territories is the Disian Curtain, a desolate darkness filled with Infernals, ravenous, twisted horrors beyond imagination. Ruled by the Diaboli Domini, these terrors desire nothing more than to devour the flesh and souls of all humanity… and the Disian Curtain is encroaching ever closer. From the Territory of Talgourge comes Kyu, The Unknown, a man whose past, and face, are a complete mystery, even to him. A rising celebrity in the popular and lethal sport of arena fighting, Kyu’s lack of identity drives him to question everything, including the profession at which he excels. When he finally discovers who, and what, he really is, and meets a young woman who gives his empty life meaning, Kyu wants to walk away from the violence and live on his own terms. But with the Territories teetering on the brink of continent-wide warfare, and Dis’ unspeakable nightmares approaching, powers both human and Infernal have plans of their own. They will do anything to control Kyu and the nascent power he is beginning to realize. Kyu, however, is much more powerful than they know, and he will do anything to protect… or avenge… those he loves.

Want to win a copy? You can, just by answering this question: What keeps you awake at night?

14 thoughts on “Rhode Island Authors Showcase – Featuring Paul Magnan!

  1. When I was younger, the book Amityville horror would give me nightmares.
    Now that I am old, the current political climate and extremists on both sides scare me.

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  2. What keeps me awake at night is usually anxiety. If I’m worried about something, I keep hitting the “what if” button and ruminating too much. A cup of hot cocoa can help me forget the problem, usually!

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  3. Your stories sound very interesting and I think I would enjoy them.
    Right now what keeps me awake is the state of our society. Everything is topsy turvy and reality has been taken out of context. Give me a good dystopian story to get lost in, and maybe when I get back, the world will make sense again.
    Good luck.

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  4. Good morning, I enjoyed reading this interview, thank you so much ,Paul Magnan is a new author to me and his books sound like great reads. Very nice to meet you and your books Paul . I usually sleep very good and soundly, but once in awhile when I know I have to do something very important by a certain time will keep me awake for a little while if I am worrying about it. Have a great weekend and stay safe.

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  5. I sleep really well. I love it so much, I sometimes call it my hobby. Bad thunderstorms will keep me awake out of fear. I survived a hurricane, and it is scary.

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