Book Review Tuesday – Sheep Tales – #BRT

How cute is this book? And what a precious and wonderful gift the author gave to his granddaughter by writing this book. Seriously, she’ll have it forever.

Sheep Tales follows young Chloe and her smart Border Collie sheepherder dog, Tobey, on the family farm. Chloe’s parents have sheep and there is one little lamb named Ellie, who somehow gets away from the rest. Panic ensues! But never fear, for Tobey is there.

This book is a treasure, and would make a wonderful gift for any child, especially a little girl who loves animals. With beautiful illustrations from Jamie Forgetta, Sheep Tales warms the heart.

Want a copy? Great! If you’re local, you can find a copy at Stillwater Books in downtown Pawtucket or online at Amazon. Copies are available in paperback or hardcover.

5 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesday – Sheep Tales – #BRT

  1. My friend, you have a typo in Chloe’s name!  second paragraph, second sentence.  Have some more tea ;)xo Lori “History,despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived; but if faced with courage, neednot be lived again.” Maya Angelou

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