#AtoZ 1981 Songs to Remember – “X” is for “JukeboX Babe”

I chose 1981 music as my theme this year. My newest novel The Summer of Princess Diana is set in the summer of 1981, and oh! the music! Let’s take a look back at a pivotal time in the music industry.

Oh boy. Well, you know that I usually have to get a little creative by the time I reach the letter X, and today is no exception. I found this song on a list of 1981 songs and found the video on YouTube. So, I’m thinking, let’s see how this goes.

“Jukebox Babe” (not “Jukebox Baby” as it is often sung) was released as a single in 1981. This singer? Alan Vega, born Alan Bermowitz in 1938 – so yep, he was 43 when this song was released (I read that he lied about his age often). He was primarily known as a vocalist with the electronic duo Suicide. “Jukebox Babe” was a hit single in France, but to be honest, I had never heard of it, and I listened to a lot of music in the early 80s.

Here is Alan Vega, looking like he’d rather be anywhere else but on that stage:

7 thoughts on “#AtoZ 1981 Songs to Remember – “X” is for “JukeboX Babe”

  1. Hari OM
    There really is no accounting for French taste, is there??? Never heard of him, the band or this song. Which is a relief!!!

    I was waiting for a good burst of Olivia Newton-John and XANADU!!! (Oh, no, I just checked, that was 1980…ohj well…) YAM xx

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