#AtoZ 1981 Songs to Remember – “O” is for “One of Us”

I chose 1981 music as my theme this year. My newest novel The Summer of Princess Diana is set in the summer of 1981, and oh! the music! Let’s take a look back at a pivotal time in the music industry.

Released in 1981 on ABBA’s eighth album, The Visitors, “One of Us” would be ABBA’s last #1 single of their career.

ABBA, if you didn’t already know, took the names of the two women in the group (Agnetha and Anni-Frid) and the names of the two men in the group (Björn and Benny) to form the group’s name.

Fans of the musical Mamma Mia will recall this number in Act II, sung by Donna.

14 thoughts on “#AtoZ 1981 Songs to Remember – “O” is for “One of Us”

  1. This is one I don’t know very well. I recall borrowing an Abba record off one of my pupils in the 1970s so I could make a tape from it. For some reason I didn’t buy a record. I appreciate them more now than I did then.

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  2. I’m a big fan of ABBA, but not from 1981. I used to play ABBA songs and dance around with my granddaughter after her nap, but that was only a few years ago. I’m not familiar with most of the songs from that year, my third baby arrived in February of 1981, so I had a few other things on my mind.

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  3. Yay, ABBA! I got one of their cassette tapes when I was 9 or 10, and I LOVED it! Still do, so I was very happy they went back to the studio last year and produced “the Voyage” 🙂 It felt as if there hadn’t been decades in-between!

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