#AtoZ 1981 Songs to Remember – “E” is for “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”

I chose 1981 music as my theme this year. My newest novel The Summer of Princess Diana is set in the summer of 1981, and oh! the music! Let’s take a look back at a pivotal time in the music industry.

Released in 1981,. “Every Little Thing” appeared on The Police’s Ghost in the Machine album (which also included the hits “Invisible Sun” and “Spirits in the Material World”).

Stewart Copeland, the band’s drummer, recalled that “…for years {Sting was} trying to think of a rhyme for ‘magic.’ I think the only word he could come up with, apart from ‘tragic,’ was ‘pelagic,’ which means ‘ocean going.’ There I was in my leather pants and punk hairdo, pondering…” Fans who were accustomed to Sting’s lyrics probably wouldn’t have been surprised if he had used the word ‘pelagic.’

The song hit #1 in Canada, Ireland, and The Netherlands. #2 in Australia, and #5 in Norway. It reached #3 in America. This video really shows off The Police back when they were THE POLICE.

13 thoughts on “#AtoZ 1981 Songs to Remember – “E” is for “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”

  1. I was already a fan of The Police when this song came out. I was dating my second wife at the time. We went to see the band in Richmond VA in 1982. This song reminds me of my second wife.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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