Are You Ready for Change?

Are You Ready for Change?
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6 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Change?

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever read your story with details of when you quit your job. How freeing, not to mention nerve racking. Having a supportive spouse is wonderful.
    I wish I had your confidence when it comes to writing. For now, I’m satisfied with reading. Keep writing, Martha!

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  2. This is such an inspiring story and especially so in these uncertain times when it is easier to just stay in a stressful situation, in case!!! It was inspiring that you left but also inspiring that you had the stamina to stay until the timing was perfect! How wonderful to also have a husband who supported that decision for your well-being. The love you both share comes through in between the lines of so much of your writing!

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  3. Glad you haven’t looked back! You are living your dream and your fans love your books! Also glad you had the courage to do it. It could not have been easy.

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