Book Review Tuesday – Treading Water #BRT

In author Belle A. DeCosta’s debut novel, we meet thirtysomething advertising executive Caroline McMerritt, whose place among the ambitious, driven Manhattan ad execs is threatened by her own self-destructive behavior. Forced into a leave of absence by her employer, Caroline heads to Maine, to a family cabin on a lake, where she reluctantly adapts to her new surroundings. There she discovers an old journal left behind by her now-deceased mother, and that journal provides much of Caroline’s self-healing. DeCosta deftly transitions between entries from the past and Caroline’s present-day musings.

Add in some well-developed characters and a potential love interest and we’ve got ourselves a story! Truthfully, this is a very well written tale of redemption and second chances. DeCosta uses language in a beautiful way, painting with words, and this reader rooted for the protagonist.

There are some blips that I, as an editor, can’t help but see (you ‘pedal’ a bike – to ‘peddle’ a bike is to sell one on a street corner, and the misuse of lie/lay and farther/further could be fixed by a good copy edit), but otherwise this is a most enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more of DeCosta’s work.

Get a print or digital copy of Treading Water here:

5 thoughts on “Book Review Tuesday – Treading Water #BRT

  1. I am enchanted with this lovely novel by Belle DeCosta. It’s a wonderful follow-up to her memoir, “Echoes In the Mirror,” one that heralds her fiction writing chops that equal the quality of her reflection. Like you, I can’t wait for Belle’s next book.

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