The 2022 A to Z Challenge is Coming!

Have you participated in the past? Thinking that maybe this is your year? I invite you to come along on an adventure! The Blogging from A to Z Challenge ( is an annual online event that I’ve participated in since 2012. So this will be my…(hang on)…11th season! And I’m as excited as ever.

If you don’t know, the challenge is for bloggers and takes place during the month of April. Each day in April (except Sundays), you publish a blog post in accordance with a letter of the alphabet. You can see on the calendar below that by taking Sundays off, you can fit each letter into each day of the month. “A” on April 1, “B” on April 2, “C” on April 4, etc.

Most bloggers choose a theme (I like to have a theme – it helps me stay focused, but a theme isn’t mandatory).

So, what have I blogged about in the past? Here’s my list:

2012 – Authors, Poets, Lyricists (my first year, and I was definitely a newbie. I hadn’t written my posts ahead of time, which is something I highly recommend!)

2013 – Oh! The Places I’ve Been! Oh! The Places I’ve Been! (this was fun, because it involved travel)

2014 – Smile! And say…. (the infamous cheese theme) (the infamous cheese theme – and yes, there is enough of a variety to cover the alphabet)

2015 – Listen Up! (Musical instruments) (with accompanying videos of said instruments – a few I’m sure you’ve never heard of)

2016 – Paris Between the Wars (a favorite theme, the posts highlighted the wealth of talent in Paris between 1919 and 1939)

2017 – Broadway Musicals (loved this theme, too!)

2018 – 1968 (I had this theme in 2018, the 50th anniversary of the pivotal year for the world)

2019 – Dylan! (You all know I love James Taylor, but Dylan’s prolific songs could pretty much cover the alphabet – these included covers of his songs)

2020 – Yes, But Would You Eat It? (an interesting take on unusual food and spices)

2021 – Stay Home! Wear a Mask! (Travel throughout Rhode Island) (for Covid, I took a tour of my home state and learned a little myself)

2022 will bring a theme that ties in with the setting of my latest novel. The folks who administer this challenge ask that we reveal our themes in early March, and I will do that.

If you have any questions about it, please reach out. I do hope you’ll consider it for this year – then you’ll be hooked!

16 thoughts on “The 2022 A to Z Challenge is Coming!

  1. HI Martha- I will be participating this year- but the link you shared is not a secure link. I have chosen my theme, but cannot figure out how it works this year! Any suggestions? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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