Book Review Tuesday – Ungrateful – #BRT

Ungrateful is really more of a short story than a book, clocking in at just 28 pages (so says Amazon – I read the digital version in about an hour). In this parable by author Candace Nadine Breen, Dorsey is an accomplished woman who makes questionable choices in life. Smart and educated, she falls for Tyrone, who might have a good head for business, but claims he can’t be limited to just one woman. With three children between, but with Tyrone unwilling to be faithful to her, Dorsey files for divorce. She continually dwells on the past, wishing she were once again “young and attractive,” imagining she wouldn’t again make the mistake of falling for a man like Tyrone. She sits in her car and drinks from a bottle, then opens her car door and blacks out.

The story continues, but now Dorsey is confident and self-assured. I was unsure how she transitioned, and the abrupt change was unsettling. Was she dreaming? Hospitalized? What happened to bring her to this new attitude? Dorsey celebrates herself, but a woman appears before her, asking to “collect,” presumably on whatever magic she performed to bring Dorsey to her blissful state. Dorsey puts her off, eventually screaming at and throwing the old woman from her apartment.

Dorsey drives to the mall, looking for a new pair of shoes (hence the silver stiletto pump on the book’s cover). She finds it odd that the mall is empty at noon on a Saturday, but shrugs it off. There is plenty of foreboding in the scenes leading up to Dorsey’s encounter with destiny.

This was a quick and easy read, and I understand the author used this tale as a parable. I did have an issue with the shift mentioned earlier, but overall, it was a well written, very short story.

You can pick up a copy of Ungrateful in print of digital form from Amazon (

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