Winners! Lots of Winners!

This was by far the most popular year yet for showcasing local authors! Wow, 40 authors featured in 30 days right here, and lots of giveaways, including some pretty big prizes. Thank you to everyone who participated – the authors who gifted their books, gift cards, even a virtual singing lesson! The followers who commented on every post, and I’m sure some of you were inspired to discover a new author – I hope so! We have a lot of talent right here in tiny Rhode Island.

So, here’s a list of all the winners:

Carolyn Duffy won my giveaway – a $25 Amazon gift card and signed copy of The Summer of Princess Diana

Elizabeth Devlin won Harle Tinney’s two-book giveaway: Belcourt Castle: Milestones and Memories and The Ghosts of Belcourt Castle

Alicia Haney won BJ Knapp’s book, Beside the Music

Cathy Kolpak won a copy of Mike Squatrito’s baseball memoir, Love Winning

Bob Ventrone won Mari Dias’s giveaway, a $20 Amazon gift card

Bonnie Karoly won Lisa Borges’s giveaway, a $15 Dunkin Donuts gift card

Audrey Stewart won Deb Zannelli’s giveaway, a $10 Amazon gift card

Thomas Silveria won a copy of Horizon from Tabitha Lord

Everyone who commented on Tom Rankin’s post won a download of his novella, Murder in the Limelight

Mike Berard won Paul Magnan’s book giveaway, a copy of The Coming of Dis, book 1 of Kyu, The Unknown

Deb Guyette won Risa Nyman’s giveaway, which included both of her books, Spooked by a Suspicion and Swallowed by a Secret

Connie Ciampanelli won Elizabeth Devlin’s giveaway, a signed copy of her novel Home Waters

Denise Flagg won a copy of Rhode Island Stories from Michael Fine

Sally Chetwynd won her choice of one of Lisa Jacob’s books

ankyno54 won a copy of Karen Petit’s Amazing Holiday Paws

Debbie P was the winner of Lorrie Manosh’s book The Feeling Closet

Helen Biancani won a copy of Belle DeCosta’s book Echoes in the Mirror

Tim Baird gifted a signed copy of The Dragon in the Whites and a signed copy of Good Night Phobos, Good Night Deimos to winner Carolyn Duffy

Julien Ayotte won Mary O’Sullivan’s book The Leader You Don’t Want to Be and its companion workbook

Angelina Singer gave away a signed set of her Rewind Duology and Joann Mead was the winner

Sue Brescia offered a copy of her gorgeous book The Year the World Stood Still and it was won by Karen Petit

Phyllis Calvey won all three of Portia Little’s small cookbooks – New England Seashore, The Easy Vegetarian, and Bread Pudding Bliss

Lori Tellier won a copy of Glede Brown Kabongo’s thriller, Our Wicked Lies

Bill Smith offered up all three of his children’s books, won by Leslie Piver

“RD” won her choice of one of Maria Guglielmo’s three books

Paul Caranci won a copy of D.T. Pugh’s thriller The Loss

Alicia Haney won a copy of Janet DeLeo’s book A Life Well Lived: Accompany my Father, a First-generation Italian American, as he Journeys Through the Depression, World War II, Fatherhood

Mary Catherine Volk awarded a copy of her book (winner’s choice) to Lori Tellier

Deb Guyette won a copy of Dana Ronci’s book The Fish and the Butterfly

Hank Ellis awarded a copy of A Perilous Journey to winner ankyno54

Audrey Stewart won a copy of Paul Lonardo’s children’s book The Goblin Pitcher

Hank Ellis won a copy of PK Norton’s Dead Drop

Apryl Scott gifted an Amazon gift card to winner Jennifer Huff

Audrey Stewart won Julien Ayotte’s giveaway, a copy of his book The Treasure

Debbie P won a copy of Paul Caranci’s newest book Darkness at Dachau

Karen Petit won a copy of Joann Mead’s novel Designer Baby

Alicia Haney won both of Coral Isabella Aurora’s books

Pauline Wiles won a copy of Debbie Tillinghast’s novel

Bonnie Gold won Elizabeth Splaine’s giveaway

Hank Ellis won a copy of Debra Westgate-Silva’s book Bethlehem Barn.

Now for the big prizes!

Cheer Up You Won Something Prize a $50 Amazon gift card PLUS you will have a character named after you in Tim Baird’s next book! Won by BONNIE GOLD

The Bonus Prize is a $100 Amazon gift card won by BONNIE KAROLY

And the Grand Prize, a $250 Amazon gift card, was won by LESLIE PIVER

Congratulations to all the winners and THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this month-long event – the fabulous authors and loyal readers. Happy holidays!

13 thoughts on “Winners! Lots of Winners!

  1. Martha, thanks again for doing this November blog featuring RI authors. It’s fun to get to know them. So happy I won too! Congrats to Bonnie Gold for winning the very unique gift of having a character named after her in Tim Baird’s next book! That’s so cool!

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  2. Thank you much to Lisa Borges for the Dunkin Donuts gift card and Tom Rankin for the download of his novella, Murder in the Limelight. I enjoyed reading it. And a big thank you for the bonus prize. I’ll have fun shopping for some books. Thank you much to Martha for doing this. I enjoy doing this every year. Happy Holidays everyone.

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  3. Thanks so much for doing this, Martha! It’s great fun for all concerned and a wonderful chance to introduce our books to new readers. I hope to see many of them this Saturday at the RI Author Expo at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick.

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  4. Dear Martha,
    I enjoy participating in your November challenge every year. I’m sure it’s a lot of work on your end but so fun on our end.
    I thank Belle DeCosta again for ECHOS IN THE MIRROR.
    Happy, safe Holidays to all.

    Sent from my iPhone

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