RI Authors Showcase – Meet Coral Isabella Aurora

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Coral Isabella Aurora

Hello fellow readers,

My name is Coral Isabella Aurora, and today is my featured showcase on Martha’s blog. Since early childhood, I have loved writing stories, creating music, and making people laugh. Now, as an adult, my dreams have truly come to life through my young adult comedies. Here’s a little bit more about me:

I like pineapple on pizza (I know, it’s evil to some), riding horses, fighting for wild animal rights (healthy wolf populations should be nourished and not culled through inhumane means), reading, and playing video games (especially indie games). Besides writing novels, I am a musician, singer, and composer. I create the artwork for Peace & Wolf Ethical Apparel, where we donate $5 for every t-shirt sold. Beyond artwork for tees, leggings, and accessories, I make the cover art and illustrations for my own books. Visit the website here: https://www.peaceandwolf.com/

There are many reasons I decided to become an author. First, I had a passion for making stories, not only for myself, but for others too since childhood. My second grade teacher always gave me extra paper during writing assignments. Second, I love creating a gap in my own reading life; if there is a story I want to read that does not exist, what better way to experience it than to write it myself? Third, I enjoy creating worlds. I have a secret love for creating characters with quirks and find that I like to people-watch and adopt things from characters in TV shows, such as the thickness of their eyebrows or curl of their hair.

Writing books is also very personal. When you read a book, you get to experience an entire world, set of views, and dialogue that shows a window into the author’s mind. You get to see a part of them that would remain hidden otherwise. As a writer, I share a secret part of me that can’t be conveyed in any other means. I’m also passionate about writing stories that revolve around ideals of eternal love. My goal is to rekindle society’s idea of romance. I don’t create characters who look at their love interest and think about his abs the first time she sees him. Although my male characters tend to be handsome, that’s not what attracts the female protagonist to them. A big no-no in the young adult writing world, for me at least, is creating characters that struggle to decide between two love interests, especially after making a commitment to the first one.

I prefer to write characters that are sure of themselves and already know what they want in life, who they like, and what romances them. I want to highlight traits of emotional sure-footedness in my books and hope to help others make healthier decisions, such as finding themselves before starting a relationship and not confusing physical attraction as love. 

Although it’s not due to a religious reason, my characters only participate in serious relationships. They accept no less than romance and long-term, committed relationships. I started this because, although I homeschooled, three friends that I talked to over the years claimed half of their female student body was pregnant. I hope that even if it only changes one life, that my book characters can influence others to wait and accept no less than what’s best for them and their future.

My first book, The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film, was a 2020 IPNE young adult awards finalist. Every year, the haunted Mathswell mansion lures eight teenagers into its depths on Halloween night. As a previous victim cursed to wander the estate, Jacqueline uses her expertise on horror films to guide the newest teens. The problem is, no one can hear her sarcastic voice. Keeping eight teens alive shouldn’t be hard. Right??? 

The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale is the unconnected sequel. This hilarious journey through quirky fairy tale retellings has multiple diverse characters including a service dog.

Coral has generously offered to give away both books to one lucky winner (that’s a $40 value). You are welcome to subscribe to her newsletter by visiting her website here https://coralisabellaaurora.com/

To be entered to win, just leave a comment on this post. If you want to answer, here’s your question: What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Join us on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the CROWNE PLAZA in Warwick for the 9th Annual Rhode Island Authors Expo!

16 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase – Meet Coral Isabella Aurora

  1. Hello Coral. Stories, music, laughter, commitment, and of all things, pineapple on pizza—what a wonderful combination. I love them all. There are so many fairy tales (some very strange). I guess I’d say “The Ugly Duckling”. And it fits with much of your commentary. “How little did I dream of so much happiness when I was the ugly, despised duckling!” I wish you the best.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am really impressed by your bio. Very intelligent and ethical and you seem to really care about your reader. I would love to read your two books about a teenagers guide to… I began to laugh as my own poor imagination ran away with the possibilities, I’d love to read yours! Good luck with your future endeavors.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Coral, how you described the feelings of being a writer is as beautiful as the premise of what romance should be! Wish it would be required reading for all teenagers! Two of my favorite Fairy Tales are The Ugly Duckling and Elves and the Shoemaker.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I really like your style of writing and I bet you will help more than one teen.
    I know a couple of teenagers that would enjoy your books. Thank you for sharing here with Martha.

    Liked by 1 person

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