RI Authors Showcase – Meet Apryl Scott

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Apryl Yvonne Scott

Apryl Yvonne Scott considers herself an artist, activist, and healer who enjoys expressing herself through an array of mediums. She describes herself as, “kindly but reserved, pleasant yet stern. I am rationally irrational, imaginative, and determined. But the word I feel that best describes me is passionate.”

Learn more about Apryl by visiting her website: https://www.aprylyvonnescott.com/#about-me

In her debut collection of personal, curated poems, Apryl Scott has already proven herself to possess a unique voice. Filled with self-introspection and rich and varied verse, the book of jade is the artistically interpreted manifestation of her own spiritual awakening. And in this volume, she expresses her love of words through well-crafted verse that she hopes will give her raw emotions voice and inspire others.

You can purchase Apryl’s book at Stillwater Books: https://www.stillwaterbooksri.com/book-jade-used

Apryl is giving away a $25.00 Amazon gift card and all you have to do to be eligible is leave a comment on this blog post. If you wish, answer this question: What fear would you most like to overcome?

Join us on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the CROWNE PLAZA in Warwick for the 9th Annual Rhode Island Authors Expo!

34 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase – Meet Apryl Scott

  1. Congratulations Apryl on your new book! I love poetry, I used to write poems for myself or for when a loved one passed away as a remeberance. I have a fear of drowning, I don’t swim, so I don’t get in pools, even though, I have gotten in my sisters spa, which is only 5 feet deep, but just thinking that I could drown because I do panic , when all I have to do is put my feet down and stand up and not drown, while I am in her spa. Have a great rest of the week and stay safe. Best wishes in your writing and in every thing you do, it sounds like you are doing Great! ❤

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    1. Thank you for the well wishes Alicia and for sharing your thoughts. I find it interesting that you chose to share your fear of water, when I just finished viewing Jungle Cruise, where the main female character has a fear a water and never learned to swim. My heart goes out to you and know that you have the power to overcome anything. Namaste. – Apryl

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  2. The word fear itself is something I wished I didn’t fear. I don’t like looking over a balcony from up high, nor do I want to be near the edge of a drop off. I wished I didn’t panic in large crowds. I don’t like being around a lot of people anyway. I keep away from large crowds by choice.

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    1. Hello Bonnie,
      Wishing is most definitely part of the process of manifesting ANYTHING. However, the wish is just one ingredient. You’ll need all the right ingredients to bring that dream into reality. It’s less about the choices we make, and more about the intentions behind them that have the power to create miracles and rapid transition. Namaste. – Apryl

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    1. Good morning, Thomas!
      The fact that you are getting in the water regardless of your fear is a good sign. It’s all part of the “lessons” life is meant to teach us, in order to master the “self” and the “mind”. The mind is simply another tool we have been gifted with to facilitate the fulfillment of our purpose. Namaste. – Apryl

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    1. Hello Portia,
      You don’t have to be afraid. Any fear can be overcome.
      That is part of the purpose of life, to teach us how to properly utilize the energy around us and within us (as within, so without), so that it does not overwhelm us. This is part of my purpose and the work I do. Thank you for the accolades and namaste. – Apryl

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    1. A fear of heights is one of the most common fears Karen. The cause or “root” of the fear widely varies from person to person however. I wonder what might be the root of your fear. Regardless, know that your fear has very little to do with heights and everything to do with how you have energetically processed past events and life experiences. Namaste. – Apryl

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    1. Hello Debra!
      Thank you for leaving a comment. If you’re having a fear of crowds right now, that’s because the universe is telling you that you have negative energy you need to release, the anxiety you feel around others is the “force” of resistance. When their energy tries to mingle with yours, you are feeling the friction, which is usually unpleasant or uncomfortable. Healing and reprogram of one’s mind is a process. Be patient with yourself. Namaste. – Apryl

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    1. Interesting comment Leslie. I mentioned this in another comment, that it is less about the choices we make and more about the intention behind them. Though your intention is to stay positive, the act of avoidance can be a negative one when out of balance. Fear is healthy when in balance with intuition and logic, that is, the heart and the mind. An excessive amount of fear causes us to be irrational, but a lack of fear causes us to be reckless. The key again is balanced. Once we better understand the energy we have the power to wield, we are able to utilize and manage it more effectively. Namaste. – Apryl

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Apryl. I have been afraid of heights for as long as I can remember. Can’t climb ladders, can’t look over balconies even with a rail in front of me. I’d love to overcome that fear.

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    1. Happy Holidays Paul!

      A fear of heights you say…well, telling yourself you “can’t” do something is the first block to doing anything. Let’s use more positive self-talk that really tells the truth, because “the truth shall set you free!”. The truth is you “haven’t climbed ladders or balconies for as long as you can remember”. The best part is that you can, you’ve just chosen not to. This brings me to the next best part, you have a choice. You have free will. Feel free to tell yourself you can. All it takes is one step at a time. Namaste.
      – Apryl

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  4. I would like to overcome fear itself! I feel like many of my decisions have been negatively affected by being afraid, leading to being overly cautious and thus I lived a safer but less adventurous life. Good luck with your writing.

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    1. Thank you for commenting, Ankyno, and for the good luck. Such a good topic. The key here is to replace most of that fear with trust and or faith. In another comment I posted, I mentioned the need for balance. Balance is the missing ingredient here, and we find balance with understanding and practice or application. It’s not fear itself you need to overcome, because fear is necessary, it’s a basic instinct that keeps us alive! Plus, you can’t eliminate fear because it’s just another form of energy, “the law of conservation states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another”. You have the ability to transform that energy. It takes discipline to re-program our emotional thought processes, as well as time. Namaste.
      – Apryl

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  5. How apropos that you would be featured on Thanksgiving Day. Poetry, passion and spiritual awakening – perfect! Truthfully I don’t even like to give voice to my greatest fear in case it’s listening…
    Happy Thanksgiving Apryl Yvonne Scott! Yvonne is my mother’s name… and I hope she’s listening to my prayers from the heavens above…

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    1. Wow, Phyllis. First, I would like to show my gratitude for your comment by voicing my own with you. In the comments, I spoke about the fundamental need for balance and self-reflection. I am human just like you, here in this life having a spiritual experience and learning my lessons. So, I feel or at a time have felt the same feelings you feel. In my book, I express my love for words, and you have introduced me to a new word. In the past, my fear of being vulnerable would have kept me from expressing myself truthfuly. Indeed, I felt fear at the thought of writing this, but I know that I am safe. So, I choose to not let the negative feelings outway the positive ones, the joy, excitement, and gratitude that I feel. Glad to see you’re doing the same. Happy Holidays to you as well, thank you again, and Namaste. – Apryl

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    1. Good morning, Jennifer!

      The BIG “what if” question…I posted the answer to this one in my last post. We must be present in each moment. When you feel that fear (anxiety) of “the unknown”, of “what will happen next”, “what if it all goes wrong!”, that is your body’s way of letting you know your energy is out-of-balance. You’re overthinking and or overwhelmed by negative thoughts, thinking too far ahead, and fearing the experience of pain, thus, causing “us” (the mind, body, and spirit) distress. We can begin to re-program our thoughts by replacing any negativity with positive self-talk. Feel free to tell yourself “RE-FOCUS” or “RE-CALIBRATE”. Being present is also about having trust. You have a choice to feel safe. Much of the time we only feel vulnerable because we tell ourselves we are. Namaste. – Apryl

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