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William “Bill” Smith

William “Bill” Smith retired from the healthcare field and now writes books for children. He is a member of the Children’s Book Insider and The Authors Guild, as well as the Association of RI Authors (ARIA). He was inspired to write his books after a visit from his grandsons, Aidan and Barrett. Aidan misplaced his favorite blue frog, Jimmy, and couldn’t find it. After a month or so, Bill’s wife Kathy found Jimmy in the basement, and instead of simply sending the stuffed frog back to little Aidan, Bill decided to develop an adventure story explaining where Jimmy was all that time. Jimmy’s first great adventure was to Bermuda, and his latest adventure was to the Grand Canyon.

Bill’s inspiration for Two Brothers Who Love to Do Different Things was based on interactions with his grandsons during their playtime activities. The idea set forth in this book is that it’s okay to be different and to love different things, even if they’re related!

Bill will gift all three of these books to one lucky winner (this is a great gift for parents or grandparents). Your comment below will get you in the running. Feel free to answer this question: What was the name of your favorite stuffed animal?

Join us on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the CROWNE PLAZA in Warwick for the 9th Annual Rhode Island Authors Expo!

14 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase – Meet William Smith

  1. I didn’t have a favorite stuffed animal with a name, but my husband’s teddy bear was Snooky, and our older son had a bear named Billy.
    Like Brass Castle Arts above, I revitalized him. When our grand-son was about to be born, I put Billy, who had resided in our cellar for many years, into a trash bag with a lot of baking soda, shook him well, dusted him off, put on a light green silk bow. The cellar smell disappeared. He is now inhabiting our grandson’s bedroom.
    I hope this counts!

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  2. How awesome how you got your idea to write children’s books and how exciting this must be for your grandsons and the whole family. Our grandchildren put in our hearts alot of good things. I don’t remember having a stuffed animal when I was young, but I did love my dolls. Later on when I was a teen I did have a Tiger and I named it Tiger. Have a great rest of the week and stay safe. I love how you got your inspiration to write these books. Grandchildren are the BEST! Your books sound like must reads for sure.

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  3. I know some kids that would love those books, in fact, so would I! Going to the library was one of my favorite activities to do with my son, second only to reading to him. I hope you have a big bunch of books within you to write for our kids!

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  4. I can’t recall having stuffed animals when I was little. I was into dolls and still have my collection. I had a pink blanket that kept me company along with the dolls. When I was a teen, I hand sewed teddy bears and stuffed them with discarded, torn nylons. My cousins loved the bears, too; so, I made them each one. My grandson would enjoy your books.

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  5. I had a stuffed dog named Pookie. She got left in Atlanta at a hotel. My parents went back, but housekeeping said it wasn’t there. (Audrey Stewart)

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  6. Great stories are so often born from real life experiences especially when it comes to grandchildren and the ideas that flow from the love we have for them that inspire little ways to make them smile! Your books all portray those wonderful feelings. I never had a stuffed animal growing up but I had a doll I loved named Susan. I don’t know what became of her but she is still with me in memory!

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  7. I am always so inspired by my grandchildren and make up funny songs about them, to sing to them. These books sound wonderful. I had so many stuffed animals, but my favorite was my daughter’s little bear named Snowy. She still has him today and she is 36! It makes me smile that she still has it.

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  8. Other than the stuffed dog Dolly, which my mother made for me after our dog died, my favorite stuffed animal is a little fleece bear I named Fisbee. (I thought that was the name of the Midsummer Night’s Dream character Thisbee.) I came across him a few years ago when I was helping my mother sort through stuff in the shed attic and took him home. Fisbee looked kind of dingy, and his foam rubber innards were disintegrating, so I opened him up and took it out, then put him in a bucket of soapy water for a bath. He was so dirty that within an hour, the water was so filthy that Fisbee was invisible in it. He was much cleaner and brighter when I rinsed him! He now has new stuffing, courtesy of the filling our dog (now deceased) took delight in pulling out of his toys.

    These books remind me of a series by a Maine woman about Parker the Pig. Parker is a concrete lawn ornament, whose author takes him on various adventures and takes pictures of him. One is about when Parker goes lobstering. He’s on a real boat with a real lobsterman, and he’s dressed in a yellow slicker and sou-wester hat. They are fun books.

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