RI Authors Showcase – Meet Lisa D’Elena-Borges

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Lisa E’Elena-Borges

Lisa D’Elena-Borges had a career in the communications field that spanned over 25 years, mainly working in radio in New England. Changing career paths and dipping her toes into writing, Lisa made her debut book a personal story. Lisa lives in Warren, Rhode Island.

In her new book Life in the Fat Lane, author Lisa D’Elena-Borges tells the story of her own personal struggle to lose weight and keep it off in a world that is almost too crazy and hectic to allow it.

Spending decades of her life trying to find the balance between marriage, children, career, and staying healthy, the author shares intimate details of her personal struggles and triumphs with raw emotion, honesty, and even a little humor. Lisa tells stories about things that we all think about, but nobody will talk about, such as the struggles of dining out, the nightmares of shopping, airplane seats, amusement parks, and turnstiles. And ultimately, it explains not only how the world perceives and judges plus-sized people every day, but how they judge themselves.

“Life in the Fat Lane” was written for anyone who may be facing a personal struggle and working to overcome it. Whether you have had your own weight loss struggles in the past or are looking to begin losing weight now, this book and Lisa’s journey to acceptance is destined to entertain, touch, and inspire you.

You can order Lisa’s book through the publisher here: https://www.stillwaterbooksri.com/life-ft-lane or through Amazon here: https://tinyurl.com/6um2ejd5

Lisa is gifting a $15 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card to one lucky winner. Just answer the following question: What is your favorite hot beverage?

Join us on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11, from 9:00am to 3:00pm at the CROWNE PLAZA in Warwick for the 9th Annual Rhode Island Authors Expo!

32 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase – Meet Lisa D’Elena-Borges

  1. A fellow author with whom I used to meet once a month (he’s on the West Coast now, so we can’t do that anymore) had both Keemun black tea in his cupboard and Russian Caravan black tea. Wonderful teas, but I can’t find either one online anywhere. Some years ago, I found the Keemun, but it was something like $75/lb, more than a bit out of my reach. I had no idea when we were drinking it what a rare treasure it was! My friend honored me!

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  2. My favorite hot beverage is hot chocolate with whipped cream.

    Just over the past five years, I have struggled with weight gain. I miss the skinner me. This is what I found out recently – I can only shed pounds if I keep my diet under 1200 calories. Since July, I have been counting every calorie. If I keep it at 1200 calories per day, I lose nothing, but when I eat less than 1200 calories, I slowly shed the pounds. According to a weight-loss specialist, I am most likely insulin resistant.

    Your book sounds like an interesting read.

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  3. Lisa, I wish you the best with your book! I can identify with weight gain/loss issues. I was heavy as a kid but growing took care of much of the problem. Unfortunately, in my 70’s, I’ve stopped growing. My mom was always fighting weight gain. My favorite hot drink is a regular hot Dunkin donuts coffee.

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  4. My husband makes coffee for us in the morning. I take it black now. French roast. I used to get the mochas, but I’ve decided that the sugary drinks daily wasn’t a good idea. I’m overweight and have personally felt the fat shaming. Your book sounds like something I would enjoy reading.

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  5. My favorite beverage is chocolate cappuccino coffee. I’ve been an ex-smoker for decades, and I’ve also been struggling with weight loss. What has worked for me is eating more vegetables and less dessert.

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  6. Favorite hot drink? Jasmine tea, made from loose tea leaves – nothing in it. Also, no tea ball or strainer – the leaves need to be free to steep properly and thoroughly. Upon pouring the near-boiling water in, the dry tea leaves float on the surface, then the heat and moisture soaks into the them, unfurling them. The tea leaves then sink slowly to the bottom of the mug. Once they have all sunk (where they stay put), the tea is steeped and ready to drink. Loose, whole-leaf tea does not get bitter the way cut-leaf tea (typical in commercial tea bags) does. The tea will get somewhat stronger over my drinking time, but never bitter. This is true of any kind of tea – green, oolong, black, or smoked.

    I practice aroma therapy of sorts when I prepare my tea every morning: Open the tin, stick my nose inside and inhale deeply (!) before spooning it into my 24-oz. monster mug. That scent makes me think I’ve died and gone to heaven!

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      1. Hi, Leslie, most of my bulk loose teas come from Coffee Bean Direct, which has a web page with dozens of varieties of black, green, oolong and other teas. This company sells its bulk teas in 2-lb bags, so one bag lasts quite a while. The jasmine is about $18/lb, so a bag will run about $36. The smell is divine!

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  7. I love your title of your book! I struggle always with my weight, I am up and down. I love my Dunkin Donuts Decaf in the morning with Silk Almond Creamer. Maybe another or tea in the afternoon now that the weather is cooler.

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  8. Your book is bound to resonate with many, myself included. I struggled most of my early life with weight issues until I realized that diets, especially fads, don’t work. Good luck on your continuing journey. Love the title!
    Black, dark roast coffee is my hot beverage of choice.

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  9. I love ginger peach tea! I can’t imagine your book not hitting home with everyone! After years of starting a diet every Monday morning I came to the realization that I can’t think of food in terms of dieting rather just choosing to eat healthy and enjoy both treats and food in moderation. Hearing other people’s “dieting” journey is always inspirational!

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  10. I have also struggled with weight issues my entire adult life. Diet after diet, only to gain the weight back and start again. Now, in my sixties, I’ve decided I’ve spent too much time worrying about my weight. From now on I’m going to concentrate on getting taller. And, my favorite hot drink is tea.

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