My Birthday Gift to You

Cover design by Lottie Nevin

I actually started this blog, MarthaReynoldsWrites, on my birthday in 2012. Now, here I am, nine years later and nine years older. Yikes – how the years pass so quickly. Is it that way for you, too? If you’re young, pay attention! Next time you think about it, you’ll be my age, wondering what the heck happened.

Ah, well. Nothing to do about that except enjoy the days, and for me, the writing. I do still enjoy it, even if editing sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out. But my new novel is now with my publisher, so I will relax…and read. And work a little bit on the next book. And think about the one after that. And next year’s A to Z theme. Yeah, it never ends. And that’s a good thing. As long as I can keep writing, I will.

Meanwhile, I wanted to make this book free for five days (Saturday, July 10 through Wednesday, July 14). If you haven’t yet read Villa del Sol, here’s a chance to download a digital copy for free! It’s a good book (if I do say so myself), and it won the 2018 Book Prize in Literary Fiction from the Independent Publishers of New England. That was a big honor, and I’m proud and humbled that the judges liked it enough to award it the prize. And how about that cover? I think it’s the favorite cover of all of my books, and it was hand-drawn by my dear friend Lottie Nevin, who lives in Galicia, Spain with her equally-talented husband Pete. Jim and I dream about visiting them one day.

So, I hope you’re enjoying summer. Some of us have had to endure miserable heat (in the US) and much-lower-than-normal temperatures – that’s because climate change is real, y’all. The world can be a scary place these days – don’t I know it – but that’s why books are necessary. The right book can take you away from your worries and anxieties and transport you to another place. That’s what I try to do. If you like this book (or any of my others), please consider leaving a brief review on Amazon or Goodreads. I don’t like to ask, but it does help me gain some visibility. You know, it’s all about algorithms, apparently. Either way, I’ll have a new novel for you by the end of this year! It’s called The Summer of Princess Diana and I hope you’ll like it.

And if you celebrate a birthday this month, Happy Birthday!

29 thoughts on “My Birthday Gift to You

  1. Happy Birthday to me. Thank you, Martha.

    On Fri, Jul 9, 2021, 9:32 PM Martha Reynolds Writes wrote:

    > Martha Reynolds posted: ” Cover design by Lottie Nevin I actually started > this blog, MarthaReynoldsWrites, on my birthday in 2012. Now, here I am, > nine years later and nine years older. Yikes – how the years pass so > quickly. Is it that way for you, too? If you’re young, pay at” >

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  2. Don’t read Villa del Sol unless you plan to add a trip to Italy on your Bucket List! The descriptions of the lovely walks, picturesque scenes, and Italian food will capture your senses as you stay awake till the wee hours of the morning to read one more intriguing chapter! No wonder you love to write Martha! Happy Birthday!

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      1. Martha, hope you didn’t mind that it made me want to plan a trip to Italy! I know it was located in beautiful Lugano, Switzerland but the feeling was so Italy. Again, what a wonderful story and I loved
        the kindness Jennifer showed, it revealed her “quality” as Sam Wise would say in Lord of the Rings!

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  3. Belated wishes for a Happy Birthday, my friend.
    I loved Villa Del Sol and agree that the cover does the story justice.
    Now that our national/global medical trauma has eased somewhat and life is a tad safer, I hope to see you soon. A toast to we friend who keep in touch via the internet.

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  4. 🥰🙏🥰 I loved drawing this for you, Martha, it was a pleasure. But even more, I enjoyed reading your book. Not only was it a great story but the brief that you gave me me, came to life; I can understand perfectly why you would want this house, this setting, this scene. The drawing came alive for me.

    Much love and wishing you many, many more creative turns around the sun 😘

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  5. Happy Birthday!!!! I’ve read this book so I am anticipating your next one. Here it is the middle of July in Michigan and I have not once watered anything in my garden. Yes, climate change is real.

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  6. Hari OM

    I hear you about the time-pass… I’m into my eighth year blogging and can’t quite believe I’m still at it – even increasing! Thank you for the download; added to my lengthy TBR pile as I’ve mentioned before – though I have begun to whittle away at that now. As the world bubbles away in all its turmoil, blogging and reading are two great escapes. YAM xx

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