#AtoZ Stay Home! Wear a Mask! “D” is for DAVISVILLE

It seemed appropriate this year to feature a theme that kept me close to home, so I give you my A to Z within the small acreage that is Rhode Island. I tried to be creative (you’ll see!) but I hope you learn something about Little Rhody, too. Whether you’ve lived here all your life, grew up within the boundaries, or have never set foot on one of our many beaches, come along for a virtual tour.

Photograph by Martha Reynolds

Davisville is a village within the town of North Kingstown, about 18 miles south of Providence. In 1942, the Navy established the Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) in Davisville, and in 1968, NCBC Davisville became the homeport of the Atlantic Fleet Seabees (CBs, for Construction Battalions).

Photograph by Martha Reynolds

After World War II, the Naval Air Station remained in operation, but the NCBC was inactive until 1951, when the site was designated Headquarters, NCBC. The Naval Air Station was decommissioned in 1974. NCBC Davisville was selected for closure during the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC 1991) program and operational closure occurred on April 1, 1994. The land eventually was obtained by the State of Rhode Island.

Between 1942 and 1994, the Seabees participated in every war involving the United States. The Quonset Hut and the Davisville Pontoons were both developed at the Davisville Seabee Center. The base has schooled and trained thousands of officers and tens of thousands of Seabees.

Photograph by Martha Reynolds
Photograph by Martha Reynolds

16 thoughts on “#AtoZ Stay Home! Wear a Mask! “D” is for DAVISVILLE

  1. The Quonset Hut is seen all over the world! I have “discovered so many places on you list in recent years only because I have ridden my bike there………now to be listed in you comments by “Bike Ride.” Bike Ride!

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  2. My brother-in-law was a SeaBee. He was the cook on their ship. I forget how many years he served, but he was with them at least through his 40s in the reserve. He still cooks at camps annually during the summer.


    1. Anita! Thank you so much – I had fun with this one. Looking for some out-of-the-way places so as not to be too predictable, and it gave my husband and me a chance to plan some day trips around the state. So nice to hear from you xxx


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