A Big Giveaway to Kick Off 2021!

What a great way to kick off the new year! Here’s your chance to win a TON of books, and my award-winning novel Chocolate for Breakfast is included. It’s a good series starter, because once you’ve finished with this one, there are two more in the series! And – BONUS – if you win Chocolate for Breakfast, or even if you simply download it from Amazon for just 99 cents, and you leave an honest review at Amazon, I’ll send you the second e-book in the series, Chocolate Fondue. You can pick up where the first book leaves off! There’s a third book in the series, too – Bittersweet Chocolate.

Just click on this link to go to the contest, and good luck! https://www.nnlightsbookheaven.com/post/chocolate-for-breakfast-bss

My very first novel!

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