A Great Rhode Island Authors Showcase

We had a wonderful month-long event last month, hosting Rhode Island authors here and giving away books – and I just drew the winners of the Grand Prize and the Bonus Prize.

A total of 31 Rhode Island authors participated in this 30-day event – so one day we had two. I’ll always host as many RI authors as want to participate. We’ve got a lot of talent in this little state, and we covered a variety of genres, so something for everyone.

This blog series has run in November for the past few years, as a lead-up to our annual RI Authors Expo (a virtual event this year), and has grown in popularity. I mean, who doesn’t love free books? It’s a great way to discover a new author – many authors have told me that they’ve found new fans through this event, and authors have an opportunity to reach readers around the world.

All of the book winners have been contacted, and I just drew for the big prizes. Bonnie Karoly won the Bonus Prize, a $100 Amazon gift certificate, and Tashia Jennings won the Grand Prize, a $200 Amazon gift certificate. Both Bonnie and Tashia participated daily, commenting on each author’s post. Congratulations to Bonnie and Tashia!

And if I can insert a little self-promotion here….this week my novel The Way to Remember is a FREE download – through this Friday. Here’s the link https://amzn.to/3lWU6xN For those of you who weren’t aware, The Way to Remember is a re-publish of my 2015 novel Best Seller, because the great god that is known as A>>zon decided, five years later, that the title was “misleading,” and because I couldn’t retitle it and have a new cover completed within five days, they deleted it from their selling platform. Well, it’s back! So if you haven’t yet read it, you can read it for free.

See you next year for the 2021 Rhode Island Authors Showcase and Giveaway!

8 thoughts on “A Great Rhode Island Authors Showcase

  1. Congratulations ladies! Thank you so much for doing this Martha, I got to meet alot of authors and adding more books to my TBR list. Have a Great rest of the week. God Bless you all.

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  2. Loved the RI Author event! I have found a few new authors that I continue to follow. It is amazing how much talent we do have in our little state! Thank you for hosting the event. I look forward to next year.

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    1. I totally agree, Lorilu. I guess the amazon gods work with algorithms and not common sense. Either way, either title, it’s a wonderful book.

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  3. Thank you again Martha! Every day I looked forward to reading about a new book and meeting the authors. I have several books on my to buy list and I’m sure this helped each author widen their audience. You do so much for all of us!

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