RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Debra Zannelli

Each day this month, meet a Rhode Island author! Comment on the blog post for a chance to win our Grand Prize (a $200 Amazon gift card) or our Bonus Prize (a $100 gift card). Some authors are giving away books, too – your comment enters you into their drawing as well. (See details at the bottom of this page)

In Debra Zannelli’s novel A Darkness Descending, Marcus is taken prisoner by a centuries-old vampire, Gregor, two weeks before his fifteenth birthday. In his suffering, Marcus holds onto the memories of his family’s love, using the strong ethics they taught him to keep him strong, a strength Gregor does not understand. It is this that helps him to survive.

After thirteen years, deciding Marcus cannot be broken, Gregor decides to change him and Marcus is finally able to escape. Even as a vampire, Marcus remains true to his nature. With his memories fading, he returns to those who touched his life. In his journey, Marcus finds kindness in unexpected places. Through out the life he is forced to live, the terrible choices he has to make, Marcus determines that there are reasons to live and sacrifices worth making.

Deb has generously offered to gift a copy of A Darkness Descending to one lucky winner. Just comment on this blog post, and you are entered to win her book, and you’re also entered into our Grand Prize and Bonus Prize drawings.

Debra Zannelli is a retired teacher assistant and a graduate of Mitchell College. She was raised in Cumberland, Rhode Island. For eighteen years she lived in Salem, Connecticut and worked in Norwich at the Chelsea Groton Savings Bank. She enjoys hiking and sings in the local community chorus. Debra lives with her husband of 38 years in Exeter, Rhode Island and has one adult son. Learn more about Deb through social media:

Her website: https://drzannelliauthor.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/debraroseauthor/

Twitter: @debraroseauthor https://twitter.com/debraroseauthor

You can leave a comment on each day’s blog post during November, for up to 30 chances to win. Daily giveaways by authors will be drawn one week after publication. The author will contact the winner to coordinate delivery. Grand Prize and Bonus Prize will be drawn and announced on December 8.

17 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Debra Zannelli

  1. Congrats Deb! Great title and lovely book cover! I really like it , so eye catching.
    I love reading and will enjoy this to add to my hundreds of book collections. I would love to talk to you. I’ve been trying to write a book for a long time.
    I love the photo !
    Fondly, Rosey

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, your book sounds very intriguing and I really love the book cover ! Thank you so much for sharing about this book and it’s author. I will be adding it to my TBR list.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your book sounds like one I would love to read. Also what’s interesting is that I have family in Salem,Ct and I lived in Cumberland as a child and have lived in Exeter Rhode Island for 40 years. Look forward to reading your book.

      Liked by 1 person

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