RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Jill Fague

Each day this month, meet a Rhode Island author! Comment on this blog post for a chance to win our Grand Prize (a $200 Amazon gift card) or our Bonus Prize (a $100 Amazon gift card). Some authors are giving away books, too – your comment enters you into their drawing as well. (See details at the bottom of this page)

“Mommy, can it kill you?”
Jill turned toward her son’s little voice from the backseat, his question wounding her soul. She considered his innocent face as his blue eyes searched hers for the truth. His older sister sat next to him, frozen and silent. How could she reassure them without lying or making false promises?

Ruthless and sudden, Jill’s recent breast cancer diagnosis hijacked their day at the beach, scattering debris in its wake. Another memory ruined. But even on the toughest days, Jill knew there was a possibility for hope, love, and even some comic relief.

Her road to recovery included a breast kabob, bacteria straight from the depths of hell, and fistfuls of carrot cake. There were no shortcuts. Despite all those misadventures, her family moved forward together.

While strength carried them through the fight, laughter helped them appreciate the ordinary places in between the battles. That is where Jill chose to live.

From snot on her husband’s shirt to survival, these are some of her moments.

Jill has generously offered to gift a copy of This Unfamiliar Road to one lucky winner. Just comment on this post to be entered, and your comment also enters you into the Grand Prize and Bonus Prize drawings.

Jill Fague is a mother, teacher, and cancer survivor from Smithfield, Rhode Island. After beginning her career at the high school level, Jill earned her Master’s Degree in Education and currently teaches middle school English Language Arts. With the publication of her memoir, This Unfamiliar Road, Jill shares her journey from breast cancer to battle scars and beyond. Married for eighteen years, Jill lives with her husband and two teenage children.

Recently, Jill has teamed up with the American Cancer Society to spread her story of hope. Proceeds from her book will be donated to the ACS throughout the months of May and June. Laugh, cry, and celebrate one family’s triumph with a copy of This Unfamiliar Road.

Thank you for supporting a survivor and donating to a worthy cause.

You can leave a comment on each day’s blog post during November, for up to 30 chances to win. Daily giveaways by authors will be drawn one week after publication. The author will contact the winner to coordinate delivery. Grand Prize and Bonus Prize will be drawn and announced on December 8.

21 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Jill Fague

  1. Hi Jill, you are a very brave lady , Thank you for writing about your battle with cancer. This book will be a big help for alot of people who are going through this and also for the people who have family members or friends who are going through this. I have a friend who has cancer , she was diagnosed 3 yrs ago , she had surgery, went through chemo and she is doing well. She is also a very brave lady and she takes good care of herself. May you and your family have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

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  2. I love the cover of the book. I immediately thought of the bicycle I had and the days I rode my bicycle around the city. I miss that. We’ve had several cancer scares in my family, me included. So far, we’ve all managed to survive it. It is truly scary, and I am always cheered by stories of survival.

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  3. I met Jill in 2018 in Richmond at an author’s book signing. The cover and title of her book was so interesting I walked over to find out more about it. She is lovely and after a few minutes of conversation I knew I wanted to buy the book not only for a friend who was fighting cancer but for myself as well. Her writing is humorous, emotional, heart-wrenching and uplifting all at the same time, helpful to overcome any of life’s battles. I truly recommend this engaging book!

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  4. A cancer diagnosis will rock your world on its axis. There are so many questions and few answers. You are in survival mode until the end of treatment. You are forever changed. Thank you for writing this book.

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  5. A cancer diagnosis will rock your world on its axis. There are so many questions and few answers. You are in survival mode until the end of treatment. You are forever changed. Thank you for writing this book.

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  6. Fantastic! My aunt and a close friend are also survivors. They both often joked about things and my friend told me things that most don’t know when going through chemo and radiation treatments. One of her funny stories is about her constantly runny nose. Bravo for you and I wish you continued good health! Laughter can be the best medicine!

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    1. Carolyn. I underwent surgery for thyroid cancer when I was thirty-nine years old, almost thirty years ago and have lived a normal life since. Good luck to you.

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  7. When I read the blogs and look at the titles of the book, I try to guess what the book will be about. Love the title. It made me think that a cancer diagnosis really is a path into the unknown.

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