RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Coral Isabella Aurora

Each day this month, meet a Rhode Island author! Comment on this blog post for a chance to win our Grand Prize (a $200 Amazon gift card) or our Bonus Prize (a $100 Amazon gift card). Some authors are giving away books, too – your comment enters you into their drawing as well. (See details at the bottom of this page)

My YA horror comedy, The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film, is a finalist for the 2020 IPNE (Independent Publishers of New England) book awards.

Hello, I am your guide. Your spirit guide.

Every year, the haunted Mathswell mansion lures eight teenagers into its depths on Halloween night. As a previous victim cursed to wander the estate, Jacqueline uses her expertise on horror films to guide the newest teens. But there is a problem. No one can hear her sarcastic voice.

Keeping eight teens alive shouldn’t be hard. But Fannie is addicted to dead languages, Hannah is infatuated with vampires, Jessica is more air than brain, Hal is shallow and greedy, Mandy makes bad life decisions, Aven is in permanent denial, and Lewis likes to feed the wildlife.

Finally, there’s Jack. He’s geeky, handsome, protective, and everything she wants in a boyfriend. She never experienced first love when she was alive. Why does her heart keep longing, when science deems, she doesn’t have one? More than anything she wants to save him, she’s even willing to fight for him.

Following the thirty rules to surviving a horror film, would you survive?

This book is available on Amazon as a paperback and a kindle ebook edition.

You can buy a signed copy directly from Coral’s store http://www.peaceandwolf.com

First of all, thank you, Martha, for inviting me to participate on your blog. I am really happy to be a guest for today. I hope everyone is well during this holiday season and that your winter is merry and bright. Today I will be talking about my books, music, apparel store, and holding a contest for a free kindle ebook or signed paperback of The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Horror Film.

My name is Coral Isabella Aurora, and I am a young adult author residing in the quaint Ocean State. I love horses and enjoy horseback riding. In many of my books, you will find a wolf character of some sort. I’m in love with wolves, and they have been one of my muses for my art, books, and music for many years.

I have a service dog named Kodak. The service dog, Prince, in my new book The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale was inspired by him. I also own a cat named Nightlight, who I enjoy dressing in little costumes.

I have watched about 30 Asian dramas and films, if not more, and love finding a new series to watch. I also enjoy sushi, pineapple on pizza, and hikes through the woods. In my spare time, I hang out with my family a lot and play video games. I love the Legend of Zelda series.

If you want to learn more about me, please check out my social pages below!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coralisabellaaurora/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coralisabellaaurora

Blog: https://coralisabellaaurora.wordpress.com/

You can subscribe to Coral’s newsletter at her website: https://coralisabellaaurora.com/

Upcoming Books

The unconnected next addition in my comedy series will be out by Christmas. The Teenager’s Guide to Surviving a Fairy Tale is a young adult fantasy comedy. This had to be one of my favorite books to write so far. It was a blast! I felt really sad when the last words were written.

 I am a spirit. No, not a spirit guide. I am Astrid, the spirit of a star.

After Astrid, the celestial princess and north star, is cast from heaven to be a narrator, she falls into a wishing well. Emmie, an innocent thirteen-year-old genius, makes a wish on Astrid’s star that changes her classmates’ lives forever. They’re stolen into a magical world with wondrous people. They encounter eight dwarves running A’Dwarfable Diamond Couture, the owners of Fabulous Fairy Godmother Boutique, Queen Scarlet of the Wolves, murderous Prince Edwin, purrfect Prince Leo, and more. 

During cases of mistaken identity, the teens trade roles with classic characters. But their quirky personalities change the fairy tale’s script. Usagi is a Judo master, Jake is painfully shy, Francis is in love with himself, Emmie is a bullied genius, Danielle is prideful and dramatic, Aurora has a service dog named Prince, Kris is a kleptomaniac, Sammie is a surfer, and Sunflower is a hippie.

Together, will they grant Emmie’s wish? Or will they be stuck in a fairy tale forever? Can they win the battle in the land of Fragmented Glass against the Ice Queen?

Coral Isabella Aurora is a young adult author who loves a good love story and a laugh. She enjoys writing novels that have a pinch of romance, humor, and thrills with a brilliant story.

Coral loved writing books as a child. The stories she created feature dazzling worlds, fantastic landscapes, vivid narratives, and heartfelt love stories. They are filled with hope, magic, and the impossible. Coral’s protector, who she remembers from past lifetimes, is her eternal love and muse for all her male protagonists.

Currently, Coral is working on The Teenager’s Guide series, but other exciting projects will be released in the future.


Not everyone knows this, but I’m also a composer, singer, and artist. I recently created a musical arrangement and cover song for, “Paint it Black”, by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. The vocals were home recorded, and the digital orchestra—a cello, violin, viola, drums, harp, ocean waves, and digital church bells—was arranged by me. You can listen to this song on YouTube.

Ethical Apparel Store

I am proud to announce that Peace & Wolf is donating a portion of their proceeds to Potter League for Animals in Rhode Island for a limited time. $1.00 will be donated for every book, mug, face covering, and beanie sold. $5.00 will be donated for each product sold in all other categories.

What’s amazing about Peace & Wolf is that they have a strong ethical policy, and all products are sweatshop free. The artwork was designed by me and inspired by my love for animals. This online shop offers a large selection of organic, hemp, eco, and USA made items.

If you want to buy a gift that gives back to the animals, you should check out this online shop!

And just for you, I am offering a 20% Off coupon code.


You can leave a comment on each day’s blog post during November, for up to 30 chances to win. Daily giveaways by authors will be drawn one week after publication. The author will contact the winner to coordinate delivery. Grand Prize and Bonus Prize will be drawn and announced on December 8.

28 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Coral Isabella Aurora

  1. Another accomplished young woman! We have so many in the Ocean State. Your dog Kodak is beautiful! It’s nice to see great reads for the YA crowd. Keeps them reading 🙂

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  2. I didn’t realize there were so many authors in the Ocean State. All of them with different subjects that they write about! For a little State we definitely have our share of talent.

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  3. I know a teen that would enjoy reading your book. It looks like a fun one to read. My adult children love wolves. I’ll share the link to your peace and wolf shop.

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  4. Hi, your books sound very intriguing and fun. You are a new to me author. I will certainly be looking you up as I have a 14 yr. old grandaughter who I’m sure would love your books and me too. Have a Great week and stay safe.

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  5. This young woman is a busy and talented gal! It was fun browsing her blog and f/b pages. And listening to her eerily appropriate rendition of “Paint It Black.” Kudos.

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