RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Pete O’Donnell

Each day this month, meet a Rhode Island author! Comment on this blog post for a chance to win our Grand Prize (a $200 Amazon gift card) or our Bonus Prize (a $100 Amazon gift card). Some authors are giving away books, too – your comment enters you into their drawing as well. (See details at the bottom of this page)


Hi and welcome to the Rhode Island Authors Showcase! I’m Pete O’Donnell, author of The Curse of Purgatory Cove, winner of the Royal Dragonfly for best new author (https://www.storymonsters.com/book-briefs/2019-royal-dragonfly-book-award-winners). My book is a middle-grade pirate story set in New England. It’s full of ghosts and legends and actual Rhode Island history.
This year, my short story “Under the Cove” was selected to be part of the ARIA anthology Hope. I’m also the creator, writer, and main performer at https://illadvisedstories.com/, a children’s story podcast.
My new book, The Adventures of Sparkie and Spazoid, coming out this December, will be a big part of the podcast, as you’ll be able to listen to each chapter week after week throughout the winter. It’s about a boy space explorer and his cranky robot partner. They’re on a mission to find the human race a new home. I’ve also taken these characters and started a webtoon. You can read their first adventure at https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/sparkie-and-spaz/list?title_no=533120
Please visit me at https://illadvisedstories.com/ or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/illadvisedstories/ or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/illadvisedstories/

Pete O’Donnell is a firefighter in his day job, but he was a self-proclaimed geek before that, and way before it was cool. He has a basement full of comics to prove it. He has two daughters, and they are his favorite audience. He writes for kids because, he says, growing up sucks. If he won the lottery he’d give most of it away, right after buying a rocket pack, because what else could you want? Pete’s been telling stories since he was a little boy. It started even before he could read, and he can’t wait to share them with anyone who will listen.

You can leave a comment on each day’s blog post during November, for up to 30 chances to win. Daily giveaways by authors will be drawn one week after publication. The author will contact the winner to coordinate delivery. Grand Prize and Bonus Prize will be drawn and announced on December 8.

21 thoughts on “RI Authors Showcase and Giveaway! Meet Pete O’Donnell

  1. Pete, what can I say? Not much more than great job! Very good book, great pod casts! Anyone with kiddos who has not checked the books or pod casts out… well they are missing out! I suggest they give them a try. It’s a nice break from the tictocky, instagramy, videogamy, hastaggy world of today. Especially nowadays, the book and podcasts serve as a wholesome and traditional escape from these uneasy and isolated times. Keep up the great work!

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  2. We are so proud of you for following your dreams and sharing your amazing work with the world! You always keep us laughing with your stories!
    We are blessed to be along for this amazing ride!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Pete, Congratulations on the award! Your books sound like alot of fun! That is Awesome that you write for our younger kiddos, Thank you for doing that! Have a Great weekend and stay safe.

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  4. Strong Work Pete! I couldn’t be prouder of my little brother who is hanging on to all my old comics. The Curse of Purgatory Cove was a great read and I am looking forward to reading the latest installment of your other works once I’m on break from school.

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