Ten Travel Photos

Oh, what a lazy blogger I’ve been. Well, maybe not lazy. Distracted. Discouraged. But determined. I’ve finally returned – somewhat – to my new novel, the one I’d drafted in January and February, the same one that was set aside for the past three months. Isolating at home doesn’t always lead to productivity.

Anyway, I was challenged by my good friend Vikki Corliss, of Brown Corliss Books, to post 10 travel photos over 10 days. I’m limiting my time on Facebook these days, but I did post to Instagram, so I wanted to share them here, for you. For this post, only the photos.

Heer Hugowaard, The Netherlands
photo by Martha Reynolds
From atop St. Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City, Italy
photo by Martha Reynolds
Sunset, Corfu, Greece
photo by Martha Reynolds
Morcote on Lake Lugano, Switzerland
photo by Martha Reynolds
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
photo by Martha Reynolds
Venice, Italy
photo by Martha Reynolds
Matterhorn, Switzerland
photo by Martha Reynolds
Hohensalzburg Castle, Salzburg, Austria
photo by J. McVeigh
With Abdullah the brass merchant, Fez, Morocco
photo by Martha Reynolds
Windsor Castle, Great Britain
photo by Martha Reynolds

There you have it. I had fun putting these together. The photos go back as far as 1978, and all bring back fond memories.

Be well.

7 thoughts on “Ten Travel Photos

  1. I like these photos because they look unstaged, like real life, like the way I’d like to be if I were to travel there. I have featured you on #MyPostMonday on my blog, It’s for original, non-sponsored posts! Just search #MyPostMonday on Twitter!

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  2. Hi Martha, The photos were great, and to think you have visited all of these place. My friend the adventurer! I fully understand the isolation not leading to productivity. I refuse to call it lazy. But it is certainly distracting. I tell myself that keeping ourselves safe and healthy is our job right now. Adjusting to the new normal will come very soon. Keep well and regards to Jim. With big Bronx hugs from us, Cathy 

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