Yes, But Would You Eat It? “T” is for Tripe

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Each day in April (except Sundays) I’ll be posting about unusual and exotic foods.

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Mark your calendars – World Tripe Day is celebrated on October 24.

Tripe, if you didn’t know, is the edible lining of the stomach of a farm animal, usually a cow or a sheep.

Tripe is eaten all over the world. Some of the more popular tripe dishes include Andouille from France (poached, boiled, and smoked cold tripe sausage; Callos from Spain, a tripe dish cooked with chickpeas, chorizo, and paprika; Dobrada from Portugal, made with butterbeans, carrots, and chourico; Gopchang jeongol from Korea, a spicy tripe stew; and Kirxa from Malta, a dish made from tripe stewed in curry.

If you’re interested, here’s a recipe for tripe with potatoes.

So, how about it? Would you eat tripe?


19 thoughts on “Yes, But Would You Eat It? “T” is for Tripe

  1. When I was a teenager I lived in Switzerland for a year. There was one lunch at school where tripe was served….the texture was enough for me to not eat another bite. Yuck.

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      1. Yes- the dollar did buy more then …but I was in a little village that only took Swiss francs! My favorite purchase was hot apple cider after skiing!

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  2. Once every month or so, as my sister and I came home from Daniel D. Waterman School in Eden Park, the house would smell of tripe which my mother and grandmother loved. My sister and I would be served an alternative PB&J. We had to try it – house rule – and the taste was as bad as the smell. Thanks but no thanks.

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