Yes, But Would You Eat It? “Q” is for Quark

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Each day in April (except Sundays) I’ll be posting about unusual and exotic foods.

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Quark is also referred to as quarg. It’s a dairy product that’s made by warming soured milk. Once it’s curdled, it is strained. Quark is soft and white, and is not aged as other cheeses are. It’s mostly found in German-speaking, Slavic, and Scandinavian countries.

Quark is similar to what is known as fromage blanc in France, paneer in India, and queso fresco in some Latin American countries.

Here’s a simple way to make quark:

Don’t be afraid of the quark! Would you eat it?


7 thoughts on “Yes, But Would You Eat It? “Q” is for Quark

  1. Curdled soured milk does sound rather unpleasant, but I tried quark when I visited Sweden a few years ago, and it didn’t taste too bad at all.

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  2. I saw your post and wondered ‘why would I eat a subatomic particle’? I wrote my college paper for my bachelor’s degree on ‘quarks’, in the chemical sense. As for the lactic version, I wonder if it is anything like farmer’s cheese, which I am not fond of. My Polish grandparents would have it in their house.

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