I’m Going

Fribourg, 2007.
Photo by Martha Reynolds

In late December, I planned a return trip to Switzerland, a place I’ve visited numerous times, the setting of four of my novels. I’m writing a new novel and it, too, is set in Switzerland, just outside of Fribourg. So this would an opportunity to do a little book research.

It would be a solo trip – our elderly dog has never been kenneled and we’re not about to start. Besides, I only planned on eight days. Wistfully, I’d hoped for longer, but it just wasn’t going to work this time.

Of course, the news at the top of the page these past days is all about the Coronavirus. Because it’s everywhere, even in Rhode Island. A couple of cases here, a couple of cases in Switzerland, too.

So what do you do? I’ve been walking around the house, singing “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – “Come on, you’ve got to let me know!” In the end, it’s up to me, at least that’s what my husband says. As of today, Monday, I’m going.

I’m careful. I’m aware. I’m living my life, and I intend to stay safe. And I’m going to a country where at least the people in charge don’t cover up the truth in order to make themselves look good. Truth is truth. Let the scientists speak.

Anyway, I’m flying out. I’ll post photos when I can. Stay safe and wash your hands.

20 thoughts on “I’m Going

  1. Have a great trip!! The key to staying safe (from viruses) is washing your hands often, keep your hands away from your face and hopefully no one coughs directly in your face.
    I look forward to posts from your trip and especially the new book!!

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  2. My daughter is in Rhode Island right now, in a month-long training program. So I’ve got my eye on your state! I just canceled a trip I’d planned to a conference out of an abundance of caution over coronoavirus. But it was going to be 15,000 people from all over the country. Maybe next year. One more thought–my husband and I don’t often travel together either because of an elderly dog who has never been kenneled. Love that mutt! Have a great trip to Switzerland. See some sights for me!

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    1. I hope all of you stay safe and healthy, Jacqui! The only times I’ll be among many is on the airplanes and trains (though I’m hoping the plane isn’t full!) Awareness and vigilance are key, I think. But I don’t blame you for canceling your conference. 🧡


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