#AtoZChallenge Reflections

Dylan young

The Reflections post is a tradition at the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, so while I’m busy with edits and revisions on my forthcoming new novel, I’m taking a quick break to ‘reflect.’

I’ve done this April Challenge for eight years now, and I’ll keep doing it as long as I’m able. By this point, I worry less about how many people read my posts and comment on them and more about coming up with a good topic.

I thought showcasing Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan was a good idea. Because these A to Z posts typically (for me) highlight music, food, books, or travel, a Dylan theme fit right in. I always check ahead of time to make sure I can cover the difficult letters, and it seemed that, for the most part, I did. But to make it a little more interesting, I found clips of other people covering Dylan songs. And there were lots of them – at least for the more popular tunes.

I did have a harder time this year following other bloggers – I wanted to, and I’ve subscribed to many, many blogs, but I found myself with less time to read the posts. So, my apologies for not liking and commenting as often as I should have. Maybe next year I’ll do better.

How about you? Did you enjoy the Dylan theme? I have a few ideas for next year already, but you’re always welcome to make suggestions!

I’ll leave you with a fabulous rendition of “Like a Rolling Stone,” performed on the David Letterman Show with a group of all-star backup singers.

8 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Reflections

  1. Hi Martha – I’ve been wanting to listen and read all your Dylan posts … and now I note the cover version aspect … but here I’m seeing Dylan himself perform on the Letterman show … fascinating take. I shall be back to listen to the versions you’ve given us. Congratulations … great theme – cheers HIlary


  2. Tony is a huge Dylan fan and I like him almost as well. Some of his songs break my heart, notably my favorite, “Sara,” the most heart-rending song about a lost love, lost through one’s own fault.

    I particularly enjoyed your choice to use cover version, especially from not-expected artists. We all know famous Dylan interpreters, e.g., Baez, Hendrix, but by seeking out lesser known versions you’ve expanded our horizons. I do believe that is one of your goals.

    Thanks for a fun ride, and yes, I read every one of them.

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  3. I admit I did not read all of your posts. Reading the paper yesterday, I saw an article on upcoming concerts and wasn’t sure if the picture was Bob Dylan or Bob Seger. I’m more likely to recognize Beethoven, lol. Still I give you kudos for hanging in there! Well done.

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