#AtoZ Dylan – “J” is for Just Like a Woman

“All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” ~ Bob Dylan

Dylan young

“Just Like a Woman” was included on Dylan’s album Blonde on Blonde (1966). Rolling Stone ranked it at #232 in their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. So, who was the song written about? <shrugs> Some speculate it was Edie Sedgwick and others say it was Joan Baez. It could be more than just one woman, and does it really matter?

Click HERE for a link to the lyrics.

“Just Like a Woman” has been covered by Stevie Nicks, Roberta Flack, even Nina Simone. Here is a version by the Old Crow Medicine Show, performed live at the Country Music Hall of Fame:


11 thoughts on “#AtoZ Dylan – “J” is for Just Like a Woman

  1. I’m afraid the Dylan version is the only one for me. Record player in the hall of our flat. A flatmate named Mary. Another one dumping her boyfriend. That song playing over and over. The year was 1970. Just found your posts and enjoying the music but I scrolled forward to find this one, definitely my favourite.

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