#AtoZ Dylan – “E” is for Emotionally Yours

“All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” ~ Bob Dylan

Dylan young

“Emotionally Yours” was first launched onstage in February 1986 and appears on the album Empire Burlesque.  It’s certainly not one of his better-known songs, but unlike the folk ballads and civil rights anthems of just a few years past, “Emotionally Yours” is a love song. Click HERE for a link to the lyrics.

This beautiful cover of “Emotionally Yours” is performed by Julie Kathryn:


3 thoughts on “#AtoZ Dylan – “E” is for Emotionally Yours

  1. “Empire Burlesque” is not one of Dylan’s best received albums (it’s very 1980s) but there are a couple of gems on it. This is one of them.


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