#AtoZ Dylan – “E” is for Emotionally Yours

“All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” ~ Bob Dylan

Dylan young

“Emotionally Yours” was first launched onstage in February 1986 and appears on the album Empire Burlesque.  It’s certainly not one of his better-known songs, but unlike the folk ballads and civil rights anthems of just a few years past, “Emotionally Yours” is a love song. Click HERE for a link to the lyrics.

This beautiful cover of “Emotionally Yours” is performed by Julie Kathryn:


3 thoughts on “#AtoZ Dylan – “E” is for Emotionally Yours

  1. One of the original members of the O’Jays died the “other day.” The O’jays performed this song on Dylan’s 30th Anniversary concert. Unique selection M!


  2. “Empire Burlesque” is not one of Dylan’s best received albums (it’s very 1980s) but there are a couple of gems on it. This is one of them.


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