Everybody’s Irish!

My husband’s Austrian mother believed that everyone could claim to be Irish for St. Patrick’s Day. And sure, why not?!

If you’re local, please come to Stillwater Books in downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island, on Saturday, March 16 to celebrate Stillwater’s first year of business! I’ll be there at 2:00pm to sign copies of my latest novel, April in Galway.

And if you’re not local, but want to read the book in its digital format, you can win a Kindle copy! Just leave a comment below telling me one of your favorite Irish traditions (real or imagined) and I’ll draw a few, because I’m feeling especially generous!

Then, next month, I’ll be in Warren, RI, at Ink Fish Books on Saturday, April 13 at 1:00. Introvert that I am, it’s unusual for me to do these two events, but I am excited about both events – and as much as you can support your local bookstores, please do.


5 thoughts on “Everybody’s Irish!

  1. Good luck Martha. Wish I could stop by on Saturday, but I’m hiking a section of the NS Trail, snow interfered last week. I’m looking forward to reading April In Galway!

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  2. I wish I were closer so I could pop in. Wishing you good luck!
    My favorite tradition – corned beef and cabbage! YUM!
    I do have some Irish in one of my lines, but a larger percentage is Scottish (Go Clan Logan!) and the largest lineage is from Wales (Go Jones! from two different Jones lines)

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  3. I never had anything green to wear on St. Patrick’s Day. I would try to find a ribbon to put on my purse. I now own a green t-shirt. Yay! My family and I really like bangers. Sadly, our stores don’t carry the true bangers. I try to find the next best sausages. My dad and husband loves mushy peas. I may try to stop at a British tea shop that sells groceries and pick up a box of dried peas. In fact, I think they sell bangers in the freezer section. I’ll have to grab those. I’ll also prepare mashed potatoes. The next day, I think I’ll make colcannon.

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  4. I will be out of state this coming weekend 😦 Hopefully I’ll make it to Warren!
    I loved April in Galway!! Looking forward to the next chapter.

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