Book-a-Day #Giveaway Featuring Author Karen Gasperini

Gasperini book

Karen A. Gasperini has been telling stories to children for many years. She just recently started to publish her stories for all to enjoy. Her series Arianna’s Magic Boots are all based on her daughter Arianna and herself from their experiences as a child.

Karen used to wear leg braces (AFOs – Ankle and Foot Orthoses). Arianna, who is now sixteen, still wears them, and shares the same rare genetic disorder called Beals syndrome as her mother Karen. They also have severe scoliosis, anxiety, asthma, and club feet. Karen’s main character Arianna wears leg braces, too. She calls them her ‘Magic Boots,’ and with them and her imagination she goes on adventures. All she has to do is close her eyes, stomp three times, and say “Away we go,” then the adventure begins.

Karen Gasperini


Karen has been spreading empowerment to everyone she meets, helping children see and understand we’re all special in some way and you should never let anyone or anything stop you from shining. Her series  Arianna’s Magic Boots won the STORY MONSTER LLC  2018 Purple DragonFly Certificate of Excellence in children’s literature, Honorable Mention award for Special Needs/Disability Awareness award.

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Karen is giving away a copy of her book to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment on this blog post and you’re entered.


Hope to see you on Saturday, December 1 for the Rhode Island Author Expo!

13 thoughts on “Book-a-Day #Giveaway Featuring Author Karen Gasperini

  1. What a great story to share. My having been a special needs child, I get needing some positive messages. I would love to read this and share with my grandson.

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  2. You have taken a series of ailments and turned them into something for children to think about. It takes a special talent to do that. Congratulations on the book and i hope it does vedry well. i look forward to meeting you on 12/1 at the Expo.

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