Book-a-Day #Giveaway Featuring Author Corey Calligano

Leave a comment on today’s post and you’re eligible to win this author’s giveaay. Each day in November that you comment gives you an entry into the Grand Prize giveaay at the end of the month! (Print copies to US residents only. If you live outside the US and win, the author will send you an ebook.)

Corey Calligano book

At 30 years old, and a full-time mom of three little ones, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I found out my fate, I wanted to know exactly what was going to happen to me with every treatment I was about to endure, and with every emotion I would feel.

I hope this journal can help someone else who gets a similar diagnosis, or if you’re caring for someone who has been diagnosed. I am a survivor, and this is my story.

Corey Calligano headshot
Corey Calligano

Corey is giving away a digital copy of I’m Still Here. Just comment on this blog post to be eligible.


Hope to see you on Saturday, December 1 at the Rhode Island Author Expo!

10 thoughts on “Book-a-Day #Giveaway Featuring Author Corey Calligano

  1. I have three friends who have fought or are fighting this terrible disease. Thank you for sharing your story of hope. I wish you continued good health.

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  2. A story of a brave journey! Continued Blessings to you for continued health and the best wishes for success with this book that will be an inspiration to many. Thank you for sharing it!

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  3. What can I say that would sound worthy of the ordeal you have gone through? Just looking at my three children, not knowing whether I would be there for their formative years and beyond, would be very difficult. Thank you for sharing with others to make their expected nightmare livable. Hope to meet you 12/1.

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  4. Congrats for being a survivor! My aunt and a dear friend are also survivors. As my friend went through her treatments, she often talked about keeping a journal too so others would know what to expect and the small things that you wouldn’t think of, like her constantly runny nose. You are strong. 😊

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