Book-a-Day #Giveaway Featuring Author Matt Espeut

Leave a comment on today’s post and you’re eligible to win this author’s giveaway. Each day in November that you comment gives you an entry into the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the month! (Print copies for US residents only, please. If you live outside the US and win, you’ll receive a digital copy of the book.)

Espeut book

What will you read in this book? You will read about advice that is straight from the hip – he tells it as it is – recognizing that life pulls on us, this way and that, but that you cannot allow excuses to stand in the way of your goals.

Matt’s dedication to educating people starts with his nephew and his Boy Scout troop and extends to Arthur, his octogenarian client who comes to work with him in street shoes and khakis. Never hesitating to help others, Matt shares his advice with people in a local online blog, on the radio, by speaking, writing for publications, and each day in his very active social media presence. Going to where the people are, rather than waiting for them to come to him makes him unique in this world where so many are only concerned with making a buck as their ultimate goal – not making people happy and healthy – which is Matt’s ultimate goal.

When you hear someone say – hey, you’re the real deal – you might wonder what that means. As you read this book, think about that phrase, because that is what you are getting – not a weight-loss gimmick or a funky plan of some sort to give you temporary success or a looking-good fix. What you will get is a lifetime plan – one that will give you the knowledge and the motivation to not only look good, but to stay healthy. Who are you doing that for? Well, first, for yourself, Matt would say. But he’d also say, do this for those who love you – and those you are responsible for – your family, parents, and children. They deserve to have you around for a very long time. In doing so, you will be a role model for them, too. And that’s how we change the world.

Matt had a dream. His dream wasn’t to own a gym or become successful in business. It was to restore people to good health.
For over 25 years, clients from fourteen to eighty-six have benefited by life changes under Matt’s direction. These changes go way beyond the technical part of exercise. Matt works with the whole person and his advice and counsel include nutrition and a healthy mindset. Overall health, strength and functional conditioning has always been his focus and today, as a successful owner of a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise in Providence, Rhode Island, his dream has allowed other people to have their dreams come true, too.
On a personal basis, Matt walks the walk, and talks the talk, that’s for sure. His own fitness as a late-40s man stands as an example to those he instructs. The occasional modeling gig further demonstrates all life can be when you have your health and proper mindset.
To learn more about Matt Espeut, visit his website here.
Matt is giving away a print copy of Unleash Your Full Potential – to be eligible, just leave a comment on this blog post.
Hope to see you on Saturday, December 1 at the RI Author Expo!

10 thoughts on “Book-a-Day #Giveaway Featuring Author Matt Espeut

  1. Perhaps I have been doing some of the things in your book already without even knowing it
    I definitely plan to check that out. Good luck and look forward to meeting you at the Expo on 12/1.

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  2. Loving the inspirational messages highlighted here. Making others happy and healthy-helping others to pay it forward. Making the world a better place starts with ourselves. Well done.

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