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People often ask me why I write about werewolves. The answer is simple.

Wolves rule.

Did you know wolves can roam up to 12 miles in a single day? Or that wolves help feed other animals in the ecosystem by leaving remains of their kills?*

So if real wolves are this awesome, then fictional wolves who are also humans have to be even better, right?

That’s what I think anyway. I’ve loved werewolves since watching Teen Wolf. And I don’t mean that newish TV show. I mean that 1985, Michael J. Fox, teenager-turned-werewolf, how-can-I-become-popular-and-get-the-prettiest-girl-in-school-to-notice-me movie.

Something about werewolves is regal. When I add six-pack abs and a desire to have a happily ever after with their soul mates, werewolves become sexy. That makes for a steamy read that will keep you howling into the wee hours of the night.

The Warrior Wolves Series follows five Celtic warriors who have a little extra… They get banished from Ireland of the past and tossed into modern-day Vermont when they anger Flidae, the goddess of wild things. If they want to get back home, they need to do something worthy, but falling in love might change their definition of home.    

Wolf Kiss, Book One, is where the story begins. I’ll be signing this book and others at the 6th Annual Rhode Island Author Expo at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet on December 1, 2018. Come see me. My wolves and I would love to add you to our pack! Can’t make it to Rhode Island? No problem. Hang out with me on Facebook in my reader group, Small Town Hearts.

*Facts about wolves from Wolf Matters.


What’s your favorite creature? Werewolves? Vampires? Fairies? Something else? Leave a comment on this blog post and be entered to win one ebook by Christine DePetrillo. Randomly selected winner must provide a valid email address. Winner will be chosen ONE WEEK from today, and the author will coordinate delivery of her ebook with you.

Christine DePetrillo

Christine DePetrillo writes because if she didn’t she’d look weird acting out all the scenes that come to her. Writing is a way to make those scenes exist somewhere and keep her from becoming a social outcast.

You can learn more about Christine and her books via the following links:

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Hope to see you on Saturday, December 1 for the RI Author Expo!

16 thoughts on “Book-a-Day #Giveaway Featuring Author Christine DePetrillo

  1. Wouldn’t it be so exhilarating to be able to a wolf for a day?…. to run like the wind,… your every sense so keen and sharp, to sniff the air and know who had passed this way days ago?….. every muscle and sinew in your sleek body toned, supple and ready to take you flying over a stone wall, brook, or ditch in one single effortless leap?…… How wild and primal,…. and free!!!

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  2. Unfortunately, all this teen wolf stuff is after my time as an avid TV series watcher, but it sounds like you have quite an audience following you. I guess I’m not equating you as a pure romance writer if your characters turn into wolves along the way. But I’m anxious to meet you at the Expo on 12/1. You won’t by chance be turning into a wolf during the expo, will you? Love the cover of your book!

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  3. As much I love Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox, I have to say my favorite cretures would be vampires. It all started watching episodes of Dark Shadows with my Nana. I also loved Anne Rice’s Interview with a Vampire and Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot.

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  4. Today’s post features Christine DePetrillo’s awesome work, Wolf Kiss. Christine is a talented writer and one terrific person. You’ll be able to see and hear all about Christine at the ARIA Author Expo on December 1st. She will be participating in a panel discussion on Writing Romance books from 3:00 to 3:45 PM. You will also have a chance to pick up a signed copy of her book.

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