It is the heat. And it is the humidity.

Nearly September. 95 degrees today. Heat index 104. Just like yesterday.

So who else is cranky? I know (at least) three people who live without air conditioning. I don’t know how they live, though. Our thermostat is set at 74 and I’m hot. But I’m grateful for A/C, especially at night.

I’ve never liked summer best. Fall is my favorite. How about you? Depending on where you live, you might not experience four distinct seasons. But by September, the sun rises later and it’s dark by 8:00 now, so I want that cool air to follow.

Meanwhile, I’ve finished the second round of edits for my new novel, so now it’s off to my trusted readers, who give me honest feedback. I sometimes can’t see a plot hole or a character who uses repetitive language, but they can! I’m still on track to have this book ready by December 1 – the day I’ll be at the Rhode Island Authors Expo!

Until then, I’m reading a lot (what are you reading?). I loved How to Walk Away by Katherine Center and Crossing the Bamboo Bridge by Mai Donohue (her memoir of growing up in Vietnam – you won’t be the same after reading it). I’m almost done with How Hard Can It Be? by the hilarious Allison Pearson, just started Alternate Side by the wonderful Anna Quindlen, and The Pendulum’s Truth by the very talented writing team of Leigh Brown and Vikki Corliss. Vacation next week means lots of reading!

Autumn will get here, eventually. You won’t hear me complain about the cold. Not me.

7 thoughts on “It is the heat. And it is the humidity.

  1. I too loved Crossing the Bamboo Bridge by Mai Donohue. I now want to meet her, but have thus far resisted showing up on her doorstep in East Bay.

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  2. I am SO an autumn person, too. I wish it could be autumn all year round. It’s cooling off here in Utah. In fact, some of the trees are starting to change already. We’re going up to our cabin in the mountains next weekend and we hear we need to take winter coats! I just finished reading Space for God by Don Postoma. I’ve got about twelve other books started. My eyesight has deteriorated a lot on this prednisone. It made my cataracts much worse. So I’m having surgery in January and February. THEN I will catch up on my reading!. Good luck with your book!!!


  3. I love summer, and love the heat, or so I have always said, but I have an air-conditioned house, and air-conditioned car, and an air-conditioned office, so maybe I’m kidding myself.

    In the afternoons, even during this past week of 90+ temps, I like to sit on the deck in the sun and read. To be honest, this week I didn’t stay out there as long as I usually do. But this week was extreme.

    Right now I’m reading a travelogue about Alaska (how’s that for timing?), The Tip of the Iceberg by Mark Adams. My son and his family have just moved back to Alaska to live, and we’re planning a trip there next summer. This will be my third trip to Alaska, but my husband’s first, so I can’t wait to share that awe-inspiring landscape with him.

    Today it’s cooler, so I hope you’re enjoying the pre-autumn holiday weekend!


  4. I don’t like extremes in weather in either direction. We don’t have central air, a couple of room window units that help. But as a Raynauld’s syndrome sufferer I don’t do well in the cold either. It’s physically painful. Bring on the moderation! I agree, fall is best.

    Congratulations on getting to the second edit stage of your new book. I look forward to seeing you at the expo (If not before).

    I am halfwayRon Chernow’s biography of Grant, after Lincoln my favorite historical figure. It is enthralling., but I’m taking a short break to read Jennifer Worth’s memoir, Call the Midwife on which the television series is based. Next up is volume three of Ken Follett’s century trilogy. Then I hit my many piles of TBR books, supplemented by my “Want to Read” list on goodreads.

    One more day of hot mess. Relief tomorrow.

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  5. I am so ready for Fall here as well. Although it is still warm here for awhile longer. I am reading the Outlander series, I am on book 3. Really enjoying these. Stay cool!

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