The Year of Living Minimally – Week Fifty-two


Well, that year flew by. I seem to be saying that all the time lately.

A year ago, inspired by The Minimalists (Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus), I decided to begin my own journey toward living a more minimal, and more mindful, life. If I blogged about it every Friday, I’d be more accountable, and maybe if I had a flash of insight, I’d share it.

It began by cleaning out a drawer, then another. Then a cabinet and a cupboard, and another. Closets, multiple times. I began to look at possessions differently – all those collectibles that my husband I had bought through the years of our marriage, little trinkets of remembrance. Some Many of those items are worth keeping – like the prints and paintings that remind us of a special trip. Other things just take up space.

I’m not done. This is an ongoing project, and I never did clean out the garage as much as I’d wanted to, so I’ve marked that as a fall project. We still have our beloved dog, Bonnie (thankfully), so the well-worn furniture that she claims as her own stays, for now.

My friend gave me this wonderful bracelet for my recent birthday – how thoughtful she is, especially knowing how I feel about plastics and ocean pollution. Please click the link for more information about how you, too, can help. Gifts with purpose!!

If you’re overwhelmed with clutter, know that if you want to change that situation, you can. And if you look around and think you can never live more minimally, start small (like I did). Start with one drawer. Or, start on August 1 and get rid of (meaning, recycle, repurpose, or toss out) one item. On August 2, do the same with two items, and go through the month that way. You can throw out an old tube of mascara on August 1 and donate a worn but still wearable pair of shoes on August 2. Yes, you can do this.

So even though I won’t be blogging every week about my journey, the journey continues.


13 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Fifty-two

  1. PS: the garage is my absolute least favorite place to try to declutter. So many cobwebs, uggh!
    But I love your encouragement to just start small and build on it…

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  2. Yes, that year went super-fast! It’s wonderful to think of all the cumulative items you’ve removed during that time. I feel a purge coming on here soon, too.


  3. Many congratulations on completing the year Martha. Also, great that you are continuing. Now, it’s about time I started… 🙂


  4. I meant to say Congratulations on your successful year. Hopefully I will have my garage sale in a few weeks. I’ve been busy with a project and maybe I will blog about it today. Thanks for checking in.


  5. That’s a wonderful quote, Martha. Very wise. And the bracelet is very nice. I read their About page but they didn’t say where 40cean (the name) came from or what it means. Do you? We have a blind in our bedroom that you’d swear was either bamboo or raffia or something, but it’s actually made out of used plastic shopping bags. I thought it wouldn’t last long, but it’s been up there almost ten years.


  6. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your insights. We have a lower level that has held family clutter and memories for more than a decade. Little by little, we’re pecking away, but we (I) still find it challenging to let go of many things – my only child’s clothing, toys, and all the things that remind me of how quickly time flies and how the generations before me have dwindled and in that way, have contributed to the clutter and the memories. But that’s a whole different topic, isn’t it?! Peace…and Thank You again!


  7. I’ve enjoyed your journey and helpful hints over the past year, Martha and hope to follow in your shoes.
    While my house is not what one by any stretch of the imagination would call cluttered, there are many items we could get discard, give away, or sell. I suggested to my better half that in retirement it might be fun, and profitable, for him to set up an e-bay account and sell some of our good but no longer needed or used stuff.

    The biggest project we have is not to clean out our garage–we don’t have one–but our very full cellar. That will be a major project. But I will start small. Wish me luck! And good luck to you on your continuing journey.


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