The Year of Living Minimally – Week Fifty-one

plastic bags

I’ve been thinking a lot about plastic – bags, straws, packaging, utensils – there’s just so much plastic. And we all aware that our oceans are filling up with plastic at an alarming rate.

At the conclusion of this year-long project, I’ve just discovered Tippi Thole. Tippi Thole is someone you should discover, too. Check out her “tiny trash can” website here – and you’ll be amazed/inspired/ wowed. Because Tippi Thole replaced the trash can in her kitchen (10-gallon capacity) with a small wastebasket (like the kind you probably have in your bathroom). She began to shop mindfully, and within a few months, the amount of trash her family produced each week fit into a Mason jar that is under 3″ tall!!!

Could I do this, too? I’m sure as hell going to try. We’re only two people.

8 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Fifty-one

  1. I understand there’s legislation coming down the pipe to do away with plastic straws. Starbucks has already signed on to be a part of it. We do recycle.
    Pick-up service for larger stuff (we have to contract for it separate because — believe it or not — our dumb city doesn’t do recycling)…
    All “hole-less” plastic bags go to the food pantry so they don’t have to buy them…
    And all “holey” bags get recycled at the grocery store…

    But a mason jar? Gotta go have a look at that site!!!


  2. When we started heavily recycling (even before our town recycled, my husband and sons made a bi-weekly trip to the landfill) our family of four went from five bags of trash a week to one. Today we are only two and we barely fill one trash bag. One family. That is mind-boggling. Can you imagine if everyone bothered? Many do, but far too many do not.


    1. Us too, Connie – we’re at half a bag, and if we composted, it’d be better.
      We know it takes more effort to do something other than simply toss everything in the trash, but isn’t our planet worth it?


  3. I also have a small kitchen waste can. Most of my stuff ends up in the recycle bin. I am amazed on garbage day how much some folks put out for trash pick-up. How can one person create so many bags in one week?


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