The Year of Living Minimally – Week Forty-nine

Living minimally is circular. By that, I mean we continue the practice on an ongoing basis. As I come to the end of this year-long project, I’ll no longer post each Friday morning. But I’ll still give this way of life my best effort. Sometimes I’m successful, sometimes not.

I’ve cleaned out closets, drawers, cupboards. Brought boxes and bags to the donation center. I’ve thought twice before making impulse purchases and I regard “things” with a more critical eye.

I’m still concerned with the amount of plastic we use, even though I’m recycling as much as possible. But my paper straws are working just fine and my fancy glass straw is pretty ( I’d rather frequent restaurants that use cardboard takeout containers. No more Styrofoam! Cloth grocery bags go not only to the supermarket but also to CVS and Target.

A few more weeks to go. Onward. 🧡

9 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Forty-nine

  1. I don’t like Styrofoam, period! I don’t like them used in packaging. Difficult to dispose of. Food in boxes works great. I have glass straws, too. It makes me sick seeing animals die from plastics ingested. Someone invented something that can be put in the ocean and lakes where it takes in garbage floating. I don’t know why it’s being resisted. At least, that’s the impression I have. It’s a great invention as far as I’m concerned. I have no idea of the cost or who pays to have them placed.


  2. I can’t get that quote out of my head! What has surprised me about my project thus far, even if it hasn’t been long, is how I have changed my thinking about things – not just what I buy and why, but the greater impact it all has. Thanks for your inspiration!


  3. You are truly an inspiration, girl! We save our plastic grocery sacks for the Catholic Food Bank here in town. The recycling center won’t take them anymore anyway. But the ones that have holes in them we can still collect and take o Walmart. My biggest problem right now is what to do with VHS tapes. We’ve got so many that haven’t even had the wrap taken off them. Any ideas? Did find a place to recycle cell phones in exchange for phone calls for soldiers…


    1. Cheryl, I would try donating them to a library or senior center, if they want them. Or try to sell them (online, yard sale). The outer case is recyclable plastic, but not the interior.
      Congratulations on repurposing your old cell phones!


  4. I have been concerned with plastics myself. Especially where they end up. I will be thinking about the “why” I buy it, more and more!
    Thanks Martha!


  5. Such good advice. I’ll have another reason to frequent the Chinese restaurant. They’ve been ahead of the curve for years!


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