The Year of Living Minimally – Week Forty-three

So, last week I wrote about purging your clothes closet via Project 333. I did it! Well, I did my best. Even at week forty-three, it was difficult.

Now, if you’ve been following this blog since its inception, you might recall that I had already donated bags of clothes. And still there was too much. So I did what is recommended: I took everything out of my closet(s) and laid the items on the bed.

Next, I separated out the items I had no use for. Extras, the items I haven’t worn in years, the things that don’t fit (and haven’t for years). I made sure not to count winter clothes, underwear and socks, sleepwear, and the clothes that are considered loungewear.

What I ended up with:

  • 6 pairs of pants (down from 11) – black, navy, jeans, khakis, 2 whites.
  • 15 shirts (down from 18) – I did not count the four tanks I sometimes wear under a shirt.
  • 6 pairs of shoes (down from 12) – sneakers, sandals, black, brown, tan.
  • Jewelry. Wedding rings don’t count. But I’m keeping everything I have. I don’t always wear it, but most of my jewelry was given to me by my husband. I’m keeping it! 🧡
  • Accessories. I have a couple of scarves, but I’d consider them part of my winter stuff.
  • I have a raincoat. Nothing else needed for the summer.
  • That comes to 28. 32 if you add in the tank tops.

I’ll try this again in the fall.

How about you? Feel like giving it a try?

2 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally – Week Forty-three

  1. I have two closets. One is for my everyday clothes and I go through that regularly. Since I seldom spend money on clothes, it’s probably about at the 33 mark. The OTHER closet is dress-up stuff or special occasions and cruises. I Iove everything in it, but am never sure how often I’ll wear it all. I wonder what you do about that…

  2. I was very tempted to post this as a comment, but didn’t want to make light of your blog and its Message. But I laughed out loud when I read this!

    Hope you are well. Maybe we can meet for coffee after one of my pt sessions? They are in Warwick. We can meet at that Mattos bakery again. I’m doing better every day. Still not back to work yet. Back to surgeon on the 29th. Should be fine for light duty. Xo

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